May 23, 2008

Plum Tuckers Him Out!

Healin' y'all. It takes some serious, tiresome work.
I am amazed at the human body.
It can have spare(ish) organs removed and not skip a beat.
It can endure unimaginable pain one minute and be at rest the next.
It can go with out sustenance for loooong periods of time.
It can be filled to the brim with nuclear fluids and flush them out without harm.
It can have vital organs removed and keep right on tickin'.
It is the ultimate testament to God's perfect handiwork.

Thank you God for Your hand in Big Shooter's life.

Love Note to my Big Shooter: Thank you for spending time with your offspring today doing some serious bonding when obviously you were exhausted from your extensive research on Craig's List. You are a true Trooper! I love you.

Update on Big Shooter: It has been 23 days since the big guy had a major organ removed. Much to my chagrin, he has been released to drive on short errands. Much to his chagrin, a tragedy occurred on one of his first forays. He is eating and keeping it down. His remaining kidney is doing wonderfully. His bionic smell has not abated. More on that tomorrow. He's beginning to go a little stir-crazy. Good thing his Dad is coming next week. (F.I.L.)


faroutmom said...

awww...poor Daddy. You better pray he doesn't start a blog of his own and start putting pics and stories of you up, Miss Pee-pee-pants. Oh wait...while you are praying that he doesn't, I will pray that he does.

ShEiLa said...

I am so happy for you and BS and your crumbsnatchers. I am sorry I left you speechless with my Sisters story. With all that you have been through... that may not have been the easiest story to read. I am glad the Lord is watching over you and your family and blessing you. I became a Gramma today... wow! Talk about speechless. Thank you for your example and strength and humor... it gets me through life.
toodles, Sheila

FIL said...

Hey Darlin, Its nice to see that our kids do learn from us. When Bri was a little older than # 1. He comes in and says.. Hey Dad.. What football game you going to sleep through today ?.. Looks like hes picked up on that talent...... (5 MORE DAYS) might be a good time to have all your friends say a little prayer (FOR) me. I'm sure they all know why.

Love you more than tomato soup.

FIL said...

PS...... I'll pick up my own magnet.

FerLee said...

Ahh, peaceful sleep...

It's so wonderful to hear such good praise reports. Keep on truckin' BS...

Oh, did he find a new crackberry???

Flea said...

I feel for BS. My Canon Rebel died yesterday and I'm having serious withdrawals.

Erin Ward said...

I'm sure he seriously appreciates these pictures being plastered on the internet. hehehe...

Karla Porter Archer said...

Oh no you di'nt!!! ;0)

xo ~K