May 2, 2008

Shark Attack

Warning: Oooo Yuck Picture below.

I have realized scars are definitely Guy Battle Scars. (insert Tim the Tool Man Taylor man grunts here).
Big Shooter has a doozy of a Battle Wound-soon-to-be-Scar
Do not scroll down if incisions adversely affect you...

Why the title Shark Attack? Because while I was worrying about such mundane things as childcare, dog sitting, guest accommodations, food spoilage and the other 5 bajillion inconsequential tasks I worried over before surgery - Big Shooter focused on what tattoo design would be fitting for his Battle Scar. The tattoo was one of 4 Highly Important issues he focused on BS (before surgery). That is a complete post in and of itself I plan on doing later today.
Anyway, back to Shark Attack. He is leaning toward having it look like a Great White had a piece of him for lunch. However!! He asked me to have a contest on here to see if anyone can come up with something creative he might like instead. We have not decided on the prize as of yet, but we're working on it! In the mean time, if you can come up with a creative tat for him to consider please leave your idea in a comment.
We will have the prize discussion again tomorrow and see what we can come up with. In the mean time - please let the creative ideas flow from your keyboard!
Love Note to my Big Shooter: You amaze me Love. You have endured so much in the last few months and your Happy Face is always intact with each new day.


Anonymous said...

1."Been a long row to hoe" complete with spaced signs for the varieties of "vegetapulls"

2. "Speaks for itself!"

3. "Bad day at Black Rock"

4. "forty miles of gravel road"

Temporary Tattoos ONLY!


Anonymous said...

When I glanced at the "scar" it looked like the parting of the red sea...Go forth Moses
Love Ya, Heather

Christine said...

I think a nice illustration of an inground swimming pool on his other side...he already has the slide. You could have them tat the Crumbs on the slide!

faroutmom said...

No ideas for a tattoo, but I do have just one question...

How in the world were YOU (you of the squeemish-ness) able to take that photo?

Flea said...

I'm so sorry I haven't been reading lately! Working through multiple posts when I got to this one. My husband once had a shirt which said, "Scars are Tattoos with Better Stories". Does he really need a tatt? I like the shark idea. Or a sign post saying "Grand Canyon, five miles".