May 5, 2008

You can't see their wings, but...

trust me, they have 'em.

Yeah, he's sick!
See why I'm having such a hard time gettin' him home?
These are just two of the beautiful angels he's surrounded by!
Each day we have had the perfect pair of nurse and tech take care of Big Shooter.
These are two of the nurses...poor BS...tomorrow it's Bertha & Helga.
(me and my mom)


Rudy said...

I bet those nurses will be sorry to see you two leave. I'm sure they've alot of fun with you, who wouldn't! That is great news that Brian is well enough to go home....yippee!

FIL said...

Thought maybe he sounded a little to happy when I talked to him....Now I see why..
Love you guys. FIL

ShEiLa said...

check out the standby and watch the other two nurse... that got a giggle from me for sure! actually I am laughing and I think it is all abouthtelook on her face...
toodles, Sheila