May 26, 2008

House Cleaning Issues

*Gratuitous old kid pics will be scattered throughout post to keep your attention. Thank you, The Editor.

Okay y'all I have to do a house keeping post before a certain character (and I do mean that literally - if FIL is's a character) comes to Plainsville. After he's here I may be a little more sidetracked than normal. Which is not saying much I know. But please just humor me here.

First on the house keeping agenda is the music of this here little blog. I would so like your opinions of the music. I have tried to put a poll on the sidebar and failed miserably. Maybe I'll give it another go. But for now these are the questions I need your valued input on.

  1. Do you like music while you read?

  2. If you do like music, please rate the first few songs 1-10 (10 being best).

  3. Do you prefer me to change the songs frequently, occasionally, after a few months?

  4. Have you had or are you having a problem with the speed of the music (sounds fast or like the Chipmunks)? If so, is it resolved or on going?

  5. Any requests, other comments or suggestions?

Second on the house keeping agenda are subjects of posts.
Would you like:
  • more pictures, less talk?
  • recipes? (Shared by others, not just mine for Pete's Sake...whoever Pete is.)
  • to be, or just read a few guest bloggers in the future?
* You do realize I'm just askin' right? These questions don't necessarily mean I can follow through with any of this. Inquiring minds just want to know.

Love Note to my Big Shooter: I could not have possibly picked a better match than you. Thank you Match Maker. He's perfect for me in every way.

Update on the Big Shooter: He was doing fabulous. Getting stronger. Eating well. Getting lots of rest. Just really making great strides. On Thursday he started getting nauseated after lunch. Friday, same thing after dinner. Saturday and Sunday same thing. Today we are right back where we began this whole journey. He's having trouble keeping food down. He's extremely nauseated and has a constant dull pain in the center of his gut as soon as he eats... AAAAAARRRRHHHH! He, of course, doesn't want to eat anything I offer b/c he would just rather skip the whole ordeal. We have a doctor's visit tomorrow afternoon. Please keep the doctor in your prayers all afternoon. We need Wisdom to surpass all understanding and come to rest in his diagnosis for B.S. Thanks friends. We love you so.

Happy Beginning of Summer!


FIL said...

Hey Darlin,
Character?????? Now of all the things that I am, why would you ever say that? You just bring the best out in me.

See you tomorrow..... Get ready.

Love you more than tomato soup

FerLee said...

Ok, I'm going to try and remember all the questions you asked so I can answer them. I like the music. I like it when it changes, but not too often. I really don't stay on long enough to hear past the first song...I have too much else to do...sorry!!!

As far as the blog...keep it coming like it is. I love to hear the stories and see the pictures. As for a preference to which I'd like to see more...just keep doin' what you're doin' and I'll love it. You wouldn't want ME to post to your blog; according to the blog rater I'm still only at a "High School" readability while you remain at "Genius". I bow to the master.

Enjoy the Character that is your FIL this week. We all need a little more character sometimes.

ShEiLa said...

Music: I usually keep my sound off, unless I want music... if I do I put the music back on.

As far as the rest... I love your blog as it is. You have a wonderful way of tying your theme in throughout your blog. I love pic's of your family (I am a people kinda gal) but you have great balance.

Whatever you do... keep it real
and I will always be around to see how your doin'.

re: BS, I will pray that you find the answers... I have a few of my own that need answering. Will see a gastroenterologist as soon as I can get in... I hope it get's figured out soon.

toodles, Sheila

Flea said...

I never hear music on your blog. Which is good, because it drives me crazy when music suddenly comes on unexpectedly. But that's just me. I like quiet. Or lots of noise I can get lost in.

Not a big fan of recipes on blogs unless I'm looking for something specific. Also not a big fan of guest bloggers unless it's a normal, rotating thing, like on Boomer Babes. But I've guest blogged before and I do enjoy that.

I like your blog the way it is, too.
Don't go changin'
To try and please me
I like you just the way you are

Flea said...

Hey, I have boxes of 4th grade workbooks and worksheets. You interested? The teachers I work with were cleaning out their closets and coming up with piles of new worksheets they didn't get to using. Sets of 25, if you're in a homeschool co-op.

faroutmom said...

I love, love, love your blog. It is one of my favorites because I get to see your fam from this far away in the pictures AND read about what you all are up to. Keep up with what you are doing.

As far as the music goes, I do not like when music comes on without me telling it to. I am usually already listening to something on iTunes when I start reading my daily blogs, so having two different songs playing at the same time can get annoying. I do love your song selection though, so sometimes, I will open your blog first, then open new tabs so that your music keeps playing while I read other blogs.

So, I guess I'm saying that I will deal with the music either way you choose.

Anonymous said...

Do you like music while you read?

NO! When the music begins to play on your blog, I hit mute.

Unknown said...

I thought I replied to this already sorry. I love your blog - keep being you!! I also mute the music. I don't even have it on my biz site because music on sites bugs me....but most people like it. Truth? I think I don't like it because it makes all the kids run in to see what I am doing - lol!