May 9, 2008

Had a day.

Not an overly bad day. Not a good day. Just a day.
  • Big Shooter was sick this morning...gas pains. Bad ones. Take your breath away, double you over, cried like a baby kind of gas pains. I guess that happens when you take heavy, heavy doses of narcotics and get constipated...
  • Didn't school the kids again...someone please call DHS so I can get a break...please.
  • The kids are not at all thrilled they will be attending school through the summer. When I explained they could either get over that issue or I could hold them back and just repeat this year they were horrified. "What?! You can do that?" Uh, yeah. Remember I'm the teacher, principal, board of education and truant officer.
  • I (or someone in this house on a whole lot of drugs) have lost (yes - L O S T ) the pain meds. We are gimping along right now on some left-overs from his gallbladder surgery, buuut...he's not a happy camper right now. We have torn-the-house-apart. No luck.
  • I get to dig through 4 very full, smelly, nasty, gross, Iamnotlookingforwardtoit, trash cans in the morning.
  • I somehow forgot about the Giant Slice across BS's abdomen when I roughly reached over and brushed off some cracker crumbs on his stomach area was bad. bad.
  • I realized I haven't read a real book since February. Me. I live to read. February. Sad. Just sad.
  • I don't even have any suggestions for anything good to read right now. Do you?
  • Apparently I forgot the wall charger for the CrackBerry at the hospital. I did not do it on purpose. I swear. Big Shooter thinks I did and he's hardly talkin' to me right now. Who cold blame him? First his drugs and now his CrackBerry...he's afraid of what's next I am sure.

Nothing so horrible I have to go to confession, but then again there didn't seem like anything good today either. Well, that's not true. My mom is here helping save the day. That is very good. She has saved me for almost two weeks now. Her last day is tomorrow and I want her to stay two more weeks.

I'm done whinin' and complain'. Thanks for listening. I am going to bed now. Tomorrow is a new day, Thank You God.

Good Night. Amen.

Love Note to Big Shooter: Sorry about your meds and CrackBerry darlin'. It's been a horrible, no good, very bad day for you. Tomorrow is always better.


Unknown said...

(((hugs))) and prayers for a MUCH better day today!

FIL said...

Whewwwwwwwwwwwww...Glad that's over. Might give you some time to go get D's magnet... You missed getting one last week.

Love you guys

Anonymous said...

You could dig through those trash cans, or do the obvious. Call his physician, explain that at times your ditzy and in the confusion of trying to keep your life together you lost his drugs. Then promise you'll flush them if found, because taking left over drugs from a past surgery is a really really bad idea. Beg the Dr. for a new script. Yes, you'll look like an over the top bimbo, but your DH will get the pain meds he needs.

FerLee said...

After days like that I'm so glad that each day brings freshness. I pray your days are better from now on.

Anonymous said...

Ah..ah...well..if it is "as usual" CHECK YOUR PURSE sweet daughter...that is where the lost articles have been hiding over the years...for some reason! Instead of Nic-naming you "Skeeter... I probably should have named you Squirrelly" for the stashing talent you have acquired..and for other reasons....just a nutty comment!