May 26, 2008

How to find the cheapest gas in town!

Do you find yourself checking the gas price each time you pass a station to compare with the guy down the road. We all are trying to catch a break these days...even if it's small!
At first, we relied on friends and word of mouth. Now, we use a couple sites on the net that stay updated to find the cheapest place quickly.

All you need to do on each is type in your zip code. (Do NOT spend time filling in anything else!) and up pops 10-20 stations with their prices, locations, and usually a map.

**Our fave is #1 - Mapquest. They always seem to find the cheapest and closest. For instance, tonight it found a station that was 8 cents less than everyone else. I filled up on my way to a ball game!

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ames said...

Gas stations make me depressed these days. But I did find that the farther away from the city you are, the cheaper gas seems to be, so I always fill up at the ones by my home rather than the ones by work. I will have to check out these links to see how I'm doing though, great tip!