May 14, 2008


We have had many inquiries as to Big Shooter's diagnosis so we figured a kidney cancer explanation was due.
This is how a surgeon friend explained it to us shortly after all was said and done.
"Imagine the kidney being inside a layer of denim, only even stronger and thicker. It is called encapsulated because the kidney is in a sort of capsule. People can rupture, break or tear their kidney inside the capsule. So as long as the cancerous mass or tumor is encapsulated or kept inside the thick layer the cancer cells cannot spread."
Makes perfect sense to us now.
The morning Dr. Kangaroo told us the Good News, he shared a little info that instilled God's mercy in us just a tad more, if that was possible. He said, "The tumor was bulging at the top, trying to come through."
Wow. God is good.

Update: The Big Shooter had most of his staples removed today. I say most because some had to stay in where hehasagaping3inchholethatifIlookattoocloselyIwillpassoutandbeofevenlesshelp. Shoo. So glad I got that out okay. Trust me, it is ewwwww. I had to take a picture of it with his Crackberry to show him an up close version. I promise to not post that. Double ewwwww. He had a very active day so he is back in bed and I doubt he will see the light of day tomorrow. Healing is tiring, tough work y'all! I would sooner have wanted another brain surgery than what he's been through that's for sure. Keep him in your prayers please. He needs continued strength and stamina. Thank you Prayer Warriors!

Love Note to my Big Shooter: I feel at times my heart is encapsulated. It has been filled to over flowing, torn, squeezed, re-filled, broken and bursting with love for you all in the same day from watching you go through this. Yet, it always stays in tact. Encapsulated by your love.


Anonymous said...

encapsulated is very good news. It means you don't have to worry about a stray cell having drifted off to a lung or your liver. Excellent news.

Next time call the Doc about the meds. Honestly, there was no reason to suffer until you found them.

ShEiLa said...

Thanks for the encapsulation lesson. I would have had to look it up on web md... but you did a great job explaining it. Thank you for NOT posting the crackberry photo of big shooter wound. Mighty kind of ya neighbor. Ü
toodles, Sheila,NV

Unknown said...

More hugs and prayers for Owasso!

FerLee said...

Thank you for the continuous updates. I'm so glad that things continue to progress and to hear how faithful God is in His timing. We all need to know that.

Flea said...

Hey, if you'd like (and I'm serious), when I'm feeling better (when cold is gone) I can come help you clean house or organize if you'd like. It's always more fun to clean someone else's house. :)