May 13, 2008

Kinda, Sorta Wordless Wednesday...okay, not

Rocket Launcher

See ya on the moon Boy Child.

Update on B.S. - Sorry. I know many of you read this to find out how the Big Shooter is doing...I'm blaming it on the fact I am an Only Child and it's all about me...will that fly?
In his words, "There are good days and bad days." He visited Sashi's farm with me on Mother's Day, her husband Taco Bandito was doin' guy stuff, BS was feelin' gooood on heavy narcotics, he thought he'd just supervise...he's been in bed for two days now.
Love Note to my Big Shooter: Thanks for passing on that Imagination Gene! I love it! Because of you, our hacienda is never dull!


ShEiLa said...

Has 'the moon boy child' seen The Astronaut Farmer the movie? Quick little story. My son Ted wore a superman cape when he was little. It was an addition to the tank top, gonch, and cowboy boots. He decided he would fly one day. He was starting on the bunk-bed and just in case he didn't make it... he tied a jumprope around his neck. I was vacuuming and mother's intution hit me... I turned around to see him hanging by his neck. Yep rope burns and everything... I shutter to think about what might of happened and thankfully did not. I think male brains kick in... sometime in high school, no later than that. Ü
toodles, Sheila

FIL said...

Whats with the chipmunk song ?????