May 6, 2008

More faces from the week...

I know y'all are getting tired of hospital pix. But, here's the deal. These nurses saved our bacon the past several days and I told 'em they'd be famous if they'd wear the stinkin' sombrero and let me post their pics. I just neglected, I mean forgot, to mention there were only 2 faithful readers to hear their accolades... So please indulge me one more hospital people post.
Above, in the blue, is Danna. She rocked when it came to shootin' it straight with explanations and scheduled meds Baby!! Thanks Danna.

Above is Trish. She was married 26 years ago to the Love of her Life when she was 16! They are still on their honeymoon...even though he is serving his second volunteered gig in Iraq. She, along with the rockinest nurse ever - Valerie, were The Angels of the Night on Thurs. night when BS's epidural went AWOL. Trish held B's hand, spoke calmly and confidently to both of us. She was our Calm in the Hell Storm. Thank you Trish.

We were unable to get a pic of Valerie. I don't know what to say that would be adequate praise for her. She did one of two things the whole night. 1. She had already ordered, asked about, made the phone call, or accomplished what ever needed to be done for BS before I could even ask, or 2. Said, "I'm on it," if I asked her to call the doctor back up even though he'd barely had time to return to his floor or if it was #3 phone call of the very early hours in an hours time... Thank you Trish. If the world were filled with nurses like you...Wow!

Here's The Dude. Dr. Rickner - kidney removal specialist. Does anyone remember Captain Kangaroo? Do you think he looks like him? And take a look at those hands! Now you know why B's incision is so huge. The man had to be able to get those ham hocks in there!! I absolutely trust Dr. Kangaroo. He was my kind of dude. A real Straight Shooter.

US Beef friends who were game for the Sombreros! Visits from The Office friends made him smile all afternoon. Thank you to all so much for taking the time to let him know the office can't run without him!

And thanks again for the hats girls - Lori & Angela - they have so been the perfect prop!

This guy is a great friend to the BS. He came during the days to see if there was anything he could do to help (like feed the BS broth, which the BS didn't remember or believe happened...). He was much like our Uncle Dwayne, who came in the evenings to do the same. Just offer any assistance he could to the BS or me. Dwayne, along with Sashi, have both witnessed what I call the Looney Tune eyes when BS is overly tired or in bad pain. I so appreciated these two gentlemen's help each day and night they were able to come! Thanks so much guys!

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faroutmom said...

Doc absolutely DOES look like Captain Kangaroo. Who told that dude he could be a surgeon with paws like that? Maybe since they are big, they are heavy and easier to keep steady?