May 10, 2008

Dear Mom,

Thank you is inadequate.
How do I make sure you understand the depth of my gratitude.
I was able to take care of my husband , while you left yours to take care of himself.
I did not worry about my children, because you were doing that for me.
I did not have to look for something clean to wear because every item in my house was laundered.
I did not have to remember little tummies were rumbling because they weren't, thanks to you.
I did not have to reach over a stack of dishes to turn on the water. In fact, I didn't recognize the sink as my own.
My children's faces were lit up with smiles and their bellies shook with laughter. Those were missing for far too long. Thank you.
Each time my stress or worry level reached a new high you listened, sympathized or offered gentle advice.
You endured Pug hair for us...lots of pug hair.
You put your very hectic and busy schedule on hold for me so I could care for the Love of My Life...and for that, I cannot find the right words to say how grateful I am.
Other than, Thank you Mom. I love you.

Love Note to my Big Shooter: Okay, so we both know you've always been the very worst at being taken care of when you're not feeling thank you for letting me take care of and baby you through this very serious process. (I'm sure the heavy narcotic sedation helps. But thanks just the same!)


Anonymous said...

You have a great many friends that supported you and your family during this episode but only one Mom...she rode in on a white horse and slayed the domestic dragons so you do and be you for "The Big Shooter!" I add my thanks to your mom as well! Good job Shirlene!
And a Happy Mother's Day to all the Mommy's!!!!!!!

Karla Porter Archer said...

Happy Mother's Day to you!

xo ~ K

ShEiLa said...

Aren't Mother's the best invention ever? I thank the Lord for Mother's. I am glad that you still get to be with your Mom. Have a wonderful Mother's Day Straight Shooter. toodles, Sheila
ps. thanks, I got your e.mail. Glad the book was such a hit. You are awesome & I love your blog a ton!

Flea said...

Happy Mother's Day, SS. Your mom sounds like the bestest ever.

That lizard? A rock and pond place in Bixby on Memorial.

It's an incredible place. I'd meet you and the crumb crunchers there if you'd like - wouldn't that be fun!? The koi are phenomenal. It would be an educational field trip!

Anonymous said...

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