May 1, 2008

He has a babysitter at 24 hours out...and I'm cooking chicken.

I felt good enough to leave his side for a few hours to shower, check on the Brain Dead Pug, send the Crumb Snatchers off on their Road Trip with Grammie and cook some thawed chicken. The last item on the list I was not intending to do, but... Apparently, sometime earlier this week I thawed chicken thinking I would come home and fix dinner for .... ???? who, I do not know.

His dad has been sitting with him for the last few hours while I came home to Pur-tee-fie myself for The Love of My Life. Translation: I stank to high heaven! Instead, I have saved Grammie from herself (she locked our ONE set of car keys in the car before they left on the Road Trip), chased Brain Dead down the road (he was a little ticked to be here all by him little to show me - he ran), cooked chicken to be frozen and drug the heaping trash cans down to the curb while the "not amused" garbage man waited for me. (I think he only waited for me because occasionally I have a free Arby's card to give him. Sorry Dude. Not today. Only 6 gi-gan-u-mous cans full of Stuff to Go! See It takes a villiage to remove a kidney story and you'll understand fully.)

I am anxious to return to Bri, but wow! He's good enough to leave! That's so incredibly cool to me. Thank you God. You ROCK our worlds!

Side Note: As I was getting ready to hit publish my phone rang. It was Grammie. They were lost. "Somewhere in Missouri". I got her back on track. But honestly ya'll if you thought we were done seeking your prayers - you were mistaken. I rather like the Crumb Snatchers. Please pray safety, wisdom and guidance upon their very Directionally Challenged Grammie. Amen.


FIL said...

Hi Darlin, Glad you got a break. Might give you enough time to get Di's magnet.

Love you guys.

ShEiLa said...

So glad you got a shower... I know what it is like to be stuck in a hospital in the same stink and same clothes for days. It amazes me just how well he is doing, I am glad for you. toodles, Sheila