May 2, 2008

Not all epidurals are created equally...

Sometimes no matter how much we want things to work - they just won't. An epidural sounds so great to provide maximum, immediate pain management. We weighed the risks vs. the benefits for Big Shooter who has major reject issues when it comes to narcotics. He can take a shot of morphine in his IV and not miss a beat where as I (or most others) experience that euphoric pleasantness of Nirvana immediately. So having the option of shooting meds directly into his central nervous system seemed like a no brainer...not so.

Upon arrival in Recovery he was awakened to pain we'd wish on NO ONE only to find out the pump was not working correctly. By the time all was said and done he'd spent 3 hours in Recovery while the nurses frantically worked to get his pain to a tolerable level. Then he proceeded to have a fantastic day yesterday. His doctor and nurses commented on how great he was doing.

Then...late last night his epidural stopped working. We have had a sleepless night, scary night. We are waiting on some lab reports and then the doctor's decision as to what pain management will be tried next. Bri is on a low dose of one of the only narcotics that works for him through his IV. It only keeps his pain to a 7 on a scale to 10.

He needs prayer for these specific things:

  • the correct method of pain management.
  • restful sleep.
  • calm spirit.
  • strength to endure.
  • his surgeon's wisdom and guidance in the correct direction.

Thank you from a grateful heart.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hey Big Shooter, sorry to hear the epidural stunk!

Friday afternoon I shared your blog with Eula Mae. As she prayed, I sent as much healing energy your way as possible. I will ask the Reiki gp and my CWP group to send pain reducing energy your way.

For what you've been
through -- you look fairly well.

I'm thinkin on the tatoo thing.

GET WELL and get HOME the neighborhood misses you! We miss the "straight shooter too!!"

The Kat across the street