May 4, 2008

4 HIGHLY Important Pre-Surgery Issues

Just so were straight, let me start this post by saying to the readers who are just visiting to check on Big Shooter's (Brian's) progress and don't know me personally or my personality,

"Yes. I am making fun of him." and "Yes. I am laughing at him."

A few days ago I mentioned Big Shooter's fixation on 4 Highly Important Pre-Surgery Issues and said I'd share them with you. Then his finicky epidural pump decided to quit and I got a little distracted.

Well, I'm not distracted now. I'm just listening to the sweet sound of his deep sleep breathing. So I think I'll take the time to share a little slice of his thought processes before and after kidney removal.

4 Highly Important Pre-Surgery Issues

    This is what was on his mind non-stop before surgery Wednesday.

  1. Kidney Removal High Fashion Wear...I mean you can't really be expected to wear "ugly fabric print" hospital gowns. Can you? He believed not. So he spent much time store hopping to find exactly what he had pictured in his mind. What he ended up with looked suspiciously like plain ole sleeping pants with matching bathrobe to me. I don't really know for sure. I'm just sayin' - they look pretty darn common...for all the time and drama spent on them.

  2. "Hat to cover up" My question: Cove ...what? The mounds of tussled bedhead hair?

  3. Facial Hair Style - specifically, what design will look the best, get the most reaction, be do-able in 30 days or less? Fu Man Choo, Sporty Goatee, Hip Patches... Stripes...?

  4. Tattoo Design for Battle Scar - He has never wanted a tattoo. Now it is an obsession, a quest. He must find the perfect one that fits him, his personality, his experience, his beliefs and be very manly in design. No pressure or's just permanent.

4 Highly Important Post Surgery Issues

  1. See above.
  2. See above.
  3. See above.
  4. See above.

Love Note to my big Shooter: It is comforting to know you are a man of habit.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Mounds of Tussled Bed Head Hair?....I have seen the post-op picture...there was no hair transplant during the commotion!
In BS's defense:'s simple..expecting to be recouping and semi mobile...a couple pairs of sleeping pants...PJ's and a matching what gives? Sounds practical, fashionable...and a BS statement that life is returning to being on his Butt ....again!