May 11, 2008

Shooter Speak

  • Girl Child (8 yo) and I were having a girl talk about boys when she laid this one on me. "It's bad enough Daddy knows I have a huge crush on Logan... We can't let him know I might have a little one on John because, let me tell ya, it'd be the end of his world."

  • Last year we studied ancient history which included polytheism within many cultures. Both Crumb Snatchers have asked questions extensively on this subject. So I found it particularly hilarious today after Boy Child had watched a video Grampa sent of two teens dancing in a 50s style and asked, "Did they believe in Gods back then?" So Dad, how's your chariot holding up since you apparently are ancient?

  • While taking my mother to the airport I was contemplating how much the weather was changing and how close summer was around the corner. I was ticking through all the items spring brings each year like tornadoes, gorgeous flowers, out of control allergies and kite flying when I realized a huge one was missing! "Hey, it's already May and we haven't had any June Bugs yet!" I'm going with the lack of sleep excuse thank you.

  • We start each school day with a little nature trivia and a riddle or two. Today's riddle was, "What did the girl octopus say to the boy octopus?" Before I could blink, Girl Child yelled out, "Suuuucker!"

Love Note to my Big Shooter: I'm so very glad you were a suuuuucker...


ShEiLa said...

You really are so very hilarious. At least you take the time to enjoy the simple things...and that is really what it is all about.
I love this post.
toodles, Sheila

Anonymous said...

So, the question from the snatchers was, "Did they believe in God way back then?" Obvious why they will be getting home schooled through the summer this year and probably until they are twenty-one!
Think FIL needs a magnet from Connecticut! I will be in Idaho tomorrow...FIL

FerLee said...

UMMM...John is over my shoulder reading this as I read it. I was wondering if he's the John Britton was talking about. HMMM...I don't think he caught on though.

He's now sitting across the room since I shooed him off.

I hate June bugs. Not looking forward to those!!!!

FIL said...

Hey Darlin,
See........ your Dad can take time out of his busy day to find a magnet. AND deliver it !!!! I'm just asking you to find one for me. I'll be there in a couple of weeks to pick it up... Whats my chances ??? You need to check your phone out... Talked to Bri Sun.....Awful lot of loud noise in the background...

Love you guys