December 31, 2009

2009 Get the Hell Outta Dodge Already!

I was reading a Plainsville newspaper article highlighting the decade's highs and lows a couple days ago.
I realized a few things:

* There are always going to be highs and matters how you face them.

* Love, family and true friends are truly the only things that matter in life.

* 10 years goes a whole heckuva lot slower when you're younger...

In the past decade, Big Shooter and I have been blessed with:

Healthy, growing Spawn. (Well, except for the nasty, old man horn that grew out of Boy
Child's ....nose a couple years ago... and the fact that he's allergic to everything not grown in an organic garden and raised on a local farm which of course puts a little damper on my lifestyle.  But hey, it's all in the way we face it right?)

* A marriage thankfully made of Silly Putty.  It has been flatten and stretched by the Wringer of Life and been re-inflated through the Bringer of Life these past years.

* And True Friendships that have kept us buoyed in the past few years of sickness and life altering changes...

 We've most definitely molted many times over and we have become very comfortable in our new skins.

Before I receive a bajillion emails and texts asking if this is really us...have we gone off the deep end?  Let me answer, "Yes, that's really a goth themed wedding reception.  And yes, we've most definitely gone waaay off the deep end...but we're still the same ole, same ole Shooters just the same."

Love Note to Big Shooter: Wow it's been waaay too long since I've sat down and wrote you a stinkin' Love Note!  Let's see...How do I love thee?  Let me count the ways.  And the ways.  And the wa...heh, heh.