May 16, 2008

I've got diddlee squat...

In other words, I've got nothin' to blather about. It's rare I have nothin' to say. But every so often it happens.
Let me see if I can eek out some thing about each player today.

Big Shooter: Let's see. He received some new fangled speaker holders somethinger others from the UPS dude. He's very excited about them. I tried to pretend. He could see right through me..."thanks for pretending to be excited and care" he says to me as he's assembling them. I also accidentally gouged him in the giant wound tonight. Girl Child was handing me her FULL, HEAVY water bottle from the back seat to open, I missed it, it hit him square in the incision, and then I gouged him in my slower-than-snot attempt to catch it! OHHHHH...he sucked his breath in and his eyes bugged out...BAD... Please don't comment on it. I feel horrible. He's drugged up now and not feelin' any pain. He also decided today that after 40 years of Tighty Whiteys he prefers boxers...I don't know if it's the meds or the...ahem..."freedom" he's experiencing that he prefers. I'm also not sure I want to know the answer to that question right now either.

Girl Child: Tied a 25 foot rope around her head and hummed the Wedding Dredge, I mean March, while dancing through the house for 30 minutes...I don't know why. I don't think I'd understand why if she told me why. She is also madly in love with Prince Caspian.

Boy Child: LOVED Prince Caspian...has one more day of baseball before his season is on base a couple times tonight...asked me if I thought we'd get to go to Mars before we die about a bajillion times today. (He's a tad obsessive compulsive. I do NOT know where it comes from.)

Me-Straight Shooter: Let's see, besides gouging the Love of my Life in the gut, I spit (well, misted) the lady in front of me with Diet Coke during a completely unexpected comedic moment in Prince Caspian. I tried to pretend it didn't happen (even though my nose was burning b/c in my attempt to keep it in my came out my nose...and I think my tear ducts too...). And I offered to wear pasties to my child's baseball game tomorrow since the Good Mothers were contemplating wearing their old cheer leading outfits...Hey, I figured if they were going to remind their husbands why they married them...I'd remind mine why he married me too...

Love Note to my Big Shooter: Boxers, baseball, fantasy crushes, humiliating embarrassment, pasties...nothin' out of the ordinary for us. In fact, it's just another ordinary day. The kind we like best.


Anonymous said...

Just got home from Caspian. We all Loved, loved, LOVED it!!! I was worried since I didn't hear from you but I'm glad everything is okay "normal" with you guys. Heather

ShEiLa said...

Sounds like your man & mine have the same love of the UPS dude and the treasures he delivers. Also it sounds like you traveled to Narnia and some of the family are still living the fantasy. Nothing ordinary about tomorrow though...
pasties at the baseball game, that should make the front page news. Ü
toodles, Sheila

FIL said...

Hey Darlin,
Just sittin here wonderin. Did you really did lose Bri's meds, or did you just hide them to use for yourself?
Just a thought.
Love you two more than tomato soup.

FerLee said...

Loved the movie!!! Saw it with the family last night. Thanking God for Laminin!!!! Won't forget that any time soon. Glad to know the UPS dude can still bring a smile to BS's heart!!!! Are we that easily replaced??? ;-))

Flea said...

Besides Caspian being completely unlike the book and missing some major themes, it was a fantastic movie. Shoot, I have a crush on Caspian. He's dreeeeeamy.

My Hunny wore boxers for years after we got married and switched to boxer/briefs a couple of years ago. Same freedom without being too loose.