May 2, 2008

Progress on Thursday

  • walked around the floor for about 20 minutes.
  • sat and took copious notes of Rachel Ray 30 minute Meals and Emeril.
  • loved having visitors to shoot the breeze with.
  • had cup after cup of ice chips...still nothing else though.
  • is looking forward to other foods (both liquid and solid)maybe tomorrow.
  • changed into Kidney Removal Fashion Wear.
  • bled all over the floor and his feet.
  • called nurse to help retrieve wife off floor.
  • had a very good day!
  • THEN...had a very unexpected difficulty with the new Love of His Life - the epidural pump, in the late evening.
  • now has on oxygen while he sleeps because he's a Shallow Breather on narcotics.
  • have met many, many anesthesiologists today.
  • Deep Sleeping at the present...

My biggest concern for this whole surgery was the fact he did not heal or recooperate well with the gallbladder surgery so what was this major one going to be like?? Well, I can tell you he has blown me away with his attitude and stamina!

Thank you all for your awesome prayers and unbeliveible support!

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Anonymous said...

Moving forward....excellent!
Thank you for clearing up the visitor question I had.