April 15, 2008

Update on Big Shooter

So Sorry! Apparently I riled ya'll up and then left ya hangin'?
Here's the latest scoop on the big guy:
He does not have a leak where his gallbladder was.
So no extra surgery.
Since he has no gallbladder to store the bile his liver is making, it gets dumped in his stomach.
Since he already has Boo-Boo Belly (ulcers, hernia, reflux) his stomach is revolting in a major way.
We are finding out quickly what foods he canNOT have.
He is finally beginning to keep down simple, bland solids.
He is on a new med that helps keep his Boo-Boo Belly at bay so it can learn how to work again.
His kidney surgery is a little over two weeks from today. (April 30th) Our goal is to get him as strong as possible before then.
I promise not to leave you haingin' again...
Am I forgiven?

One of my good non-blog-readin' friends sarcastically asked if I was "going to live blog Big Shooter's surgery blow-by-blow"...hmmm, no but I may live blog his progress through the whole ordeal b/c it will give me something to keep my mind off the procedure and yet still be focused on him. Does that make sense or am I just pushing the limits of no-sleep? Besides the phone reception in the hospital is pretty much non-existent and all the fam and friends faraway will have to do is click on here...hmmm, we'll see.

Love Note to my Big Shooter: Thank you for filling this marriage with happiness...pranks...and belly shakin', snortin' laughs.


Anonymous said...

Thank you. Did you get unlocked? I see you were un-frozen enough to post this blog late in the night.

FIL said...

Nothing to forgive Darlin,
you just speak before you think,shoot your mouth off half cocked. "we must be kin"
But you did forget to tell the folks about the staples you grew up on here in southern Idaho. (didn't work all that well for you tho) You might want to check it out at.
Love you two.

Jennifer said...

Thanks for the update and promised updates for later.