April 18, 2008

It's amazing what you find

when you look through your memory card...
I was wondering where the Easter pics were.

Sashi's parents always feel sorry for us and invite us out to their family's gig. They are some Good People ya'll. Good. Like Goody-Goody Gum Drop good. Gum Drops are sweeeet. Gum Drops offer stickiness to hold your teeth together (or offer prayers and support when the love of your life has cancer). Gum Drops are very colorful. And Mr. Gum Drop puts up with, I mean entertains, the Snatchers along with his own brood of grandkids. And Mrs. Gum Drop cooks like a Real Grandma. So it takes us .064 seconds to say, "Thankyoufortheinvitewhatcanwebring.Nothin?Really?Thankyou!Thankyouforincludingus.Seeyouatthedinnertable!" I guess they're kinda like my in-laws...since Sashi is my other spouse an' all. Whatever they are...they are gooood people.

Don't ask about the hair...please. It is another post entirely. He is Big Shooter's son after all. And hair? Hair is a reeeeal major issue in Big Shooter's life. Wow. That basket is big. She had a slight meltdown b/c I asked her to use BDP's dog toy basket. What could I do? The Easter Bunny bought, I mean brought her a cheap pre-packaged-handle-broke-just-unwrapping-it-basket. That was another post. Remember? He pulled the Cancer Card on me? Like I could say anything about the cheap basket after that?

See how #1 is holding his basket at the bottom? That would be because you can see the handle is not attached on the side of his basket either. See the adorable, sturdy basket Saucy's kid is using? I hate when she shows off like that. That Good Mother thing is way over rated.

Can't you hear her, "Please God...I'll do anything if you let Mr. and Mrs. Gum Drop adopt me..."

Like I've said before, "I live where the wind comes whippin' down the plains..." Sashi's perfect hair got mussed. I hate when she has perfect hair. Hair is way over rated.

I love ya Saucy ~ good mothering, perfect hair and all. But, I could never love you as much as your real spouse - Taco Bandito!

Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Gum Drop! We love our Other Family.

Love Note to my Big Shooter: I put one of our songs somewhere on the music player for this blog and I just happened to hear it..."I can't help falling in love with you." - Elvis

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Flea said...

A whole separate family you can call your own! How delightful. :)