April 4, 2008


First Ever Public Confession: It's another childish one. I find entertainment (comfort almost) by shocking others with stupid, outlandish bunk. The scary thing to me is how easily it will roll off my tongue.

I came to this realization when I listened to #2 telling a whopper to our neighbor. She winked at me for collaboration (???...as if) and kept a straight face through the whole thing!

I was momentarily stunned. Where on earth did she learn this little skill?

...and then I remembered she is related to him

(read: Tall Story Teller for those who are sensitive to the title Sinner)
Oh, and me...the Straight Shooter ...emphasize the Straight in that please.

Love Note to my Big Shooter: Next to me...I don't know anyone more full of BUNK...that would make us a Perfect Match.

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Flea said...

How hilarious! I loved the transformation pictures! :)