April 8, 2008

Thank You...?!???

Yesterday morning I found myself thanking #2 for sniffing the BDP's bahootchie! (????) And thought to myself, "Wow. That's not something I could ever imagined myself saying thank you for in a bajillion years!"

Let me please just clarify the reason she felt the need to do this ghastly deed so you won't call DHS for whatever reason...on the other hand...they do eventually give them back...and it would be fabulous to have a break... sigh.

I'll just do the right thing and get my 'xplainin' over with.

Preface to explanation: It rained rivers in Plainsville recently.

The lovable BDP came in from his morning romp outside with his giant sidekick Jacky-Boy and his netherlands were covered with what very closely resembled sorryIhavetosaythissoI'lldoitquick-diarrhea all over the back of him. I needed to hurry up and finish getting ready without worrying about the said dilemma spreading misery around the house. So I casually said, "Sweetie, I can't have him in the house with that on his behind...can you please take care of him." Apparently, I should have said, "Please grab his collar, take him back outside...and don't take any chances of touching what looks to be a poop problem". But I didn't. And she did.

This is how it went:

#2: Hey Mommy...It's not poo on Olliver's hiney.

Mommy: Really? How do you know?

#2: Cause I stuck my nose real close to his bahootchie and took a big sniff...

Mommy: ????!

#2: So I cleaned it off...and well, maybe there was a little poop on there...but, I got it off already.

Mommy: ????! Where is it now?

#2: In my other hand...

Mommy: "...ummm, could you please put whatever it is in the trash and go wash your hands so we can go to Merritt's (Bakery)? ...and honey... thanks for sniffing Olliver's hiney-whoo....???(What else was there to say to my little problem solver?)

#2: You're very welcome Mommy. I guess I'm the Hiney-Whoo Sniffer now.

No comment. None fit.

Love Note to my Big Shooter: Thank you for never balking or backing out when it comes to the three P's in our house: Pee, Poop and Puke. I really, really dig a man that can deal with all three like you can.

Sorry Dad for bringing up the Pee...again. It's just part of our life.

Sorry Granny for saying Poop and Puke...again. It too is unfortunately just part of our Every Day Life.


Jennifer said...

I used to do that to my little crumb snatchers when they were in diapers, but a dog???????

She has a lot more guts than I do that's for sure!!!!

Anonymous said...

Crumb Snatcher #2 you deserve a Diet Dr. Pepper for sure!!! Heather

Flea said...

Oh that's hilarious! My two dogs have been tracking in mud like crazy. I've taken to wiping their paws, which isn't enough, then putting them in my bathroom. I'm not giving them a bath till this is all past!