April 28, 2008

It takes a village to remove a kidney...

Bet ya didn't think you'd hear that one.
But I'm here to tell you flat out - It's the truth!

Big Shooter called me today and said, "Hey, where are you?" When I told him I was shoe shopping for Girl Child for water shoes. He said, "Since I'm so busy and you have much more time than me can you...." and he proceeded to list 4 errands and tasks that needed to get done in the next few hours.

Now, don't get me wrong. I'm normally sitting at home eating Jelly Bellys and doing nothing so I'd be more than happy to jump right up and do his bidding. But today I had a few things on my plate.
I figured I'd share my list of the last few days:

  • Clean the house that hasn't been cleaned in a year.
  • Home school his offspring.
  • Mop up the flooded garage (again).
  • Blog.
  • Call Mom to see what she needs by way of flight info. (She has not reached the 21st century yet.)
  • Look up said info.
  • Call Mom back and impart said info.
  • Pick Mom up at airport.
  • Grocery shop for out of towners.
  • Meet Sashi at the Casino to retrieve a Bionicle. (She's Assemblies of God. I can't ever resist rubbing it in that our official meeting place to exchange or pick-up is a Den of Iniquity...)
  • Call Dads (his and mine) to update on latest.
  • Call his Preacher Friend (in case he needs Last Rites after assuming I am not doing anything).
  • Answer 5 bajillion emails and voice mails.
  • Return library books and pay yearly fine so Snatchers can check out books and videos for Road Trip with their Grammie.
  • Blog.
  • Call hospital to get some vital specifics on internet capabilities and visitor rules.
  • Call some one else at the hospital to get vital specifics. (the first was able to answer visitor rules.)
  • Shop for shorts for Boy Child.
  • Drive to 30 stores to find "just the right water shoes" for Crumbs' Road Trip with Grammie.
  • Go to The Bank.
  • Go to the phone store for Mother's phone. (It is not liking Oklahoma.)
  • Visit Wal-Green's.
  • Shop for Kidney Removal Fashion Wear for Big Shooter.
  • Make lists of things to get done.
  • Blog.
  • Drop off second Excursion full of Goodwill Donations to make room in tiny house for guests.
  • Research, Locate and Visit shoe store that sells "special diabetic" shoes.
  • Get hair cut.
  • Go on Last Date with Two-Kidneyed Big Shooter.
  • Do 10 bajillion loads of laundry.
  • Pack Crumbs' bags for Road Trip with Grammie.
  • Deposit Boy Child at baseball practice.
  • Enjoy sitting through Girl Child's karate practice.
  • Eat Jelly Bellys and do nothing...

That's part of my list to get this deal done. I can only imagine our friends and family's lists. For instance, Preacher Friend is coming from South Texas. He has two kids staying there with friends and relatives so he and his wife can be here with Big Shooter. My Soul Sister also lives in another state and has three sons and Preacher Husband to get organized so she can be here with me. My Other Spouse, Sashi is organizing meals and delivery for the whole deal...along with watching over my mental stability (which she is well aware of it's fragility). My Mom takes care of 4 Mentally Challenged adults and a husband in Idaho. She had to get all 5's care farmed out for two weeks so she could come take care of Crumb 1 and 2 so we didn't have to worry one iota about their well being. Many, many friends are taking time off work to come offer their support on Wednesday...

So how did I answer, "Can you do these couple things for me?" I said, "Absolutely. Anything to make this gig run smoother for you Darlin'..."

Love Note to my Big Shooter: You are finally getting repaid for all you've done for me all of my adult life...Thank you for always taking care of me. You are the Love of my Life. It's your turn.
(choke. gag...gotta stop. Getting waaay too sappy.)


Anonymous said...

Yes...sounds busy over your way! No mention of JBF....so..must be serious business...also no mention of my scratches...peeling now. I have computer questions will call you today during your Jelly Belly time..:))
Okay little daughter of mine...this is it! YOU ARE THE GLUE..keep it together!..appears you have all under control..lots of friends for support and some other contingencies on the other side of the ledger to balance things as well. Your family and especially Brian will be receiving prayers from far and wide, our mutual friends and family. Granny M and I are here...have ALL the flights noted.....as discussed many times..I am no more than 6 hours away...we will watch the blog tomorrow.... so put something on it..frequently. Oh, list the hospital name..we will send a Teddy Bear and a Begonia! Brian loves Begonias..doesn't he?

Jennifer said...

In all of this craziness let me ask you one more question. Which hospital will your Beloved be in tomorrow?

Prayers covering you!!!

FIL said...

Hey Darlin, Glad to see your staying busy. It always helps in times like this. I need you to do me a favor. Di collects
refrigerator magnets. But has never gotten one from Okalahoma. If you have time would you pick one up for her? Anytime this week will be fine.

Love you guys

Flea said...

Just make sure your mom knows that your son is a dessertatarian, so, you know, she doesn't serve him vegetables or something by mistake. I really think that's your biggest worry in all of this.

Don't be afraid to let things fall through the cracks. Focus on BS. Focus on your Father. He'll get you through this. And He knows what's important and what's not.

Have fun with this!

Queen B said...

Praying for you!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey you guys! Know you are crazy busy - but wanted you to know that prayers and loving thoughts are coming your way from Parsons, Kansas. Been keeping up with you via the blog - thanks for keeping us all up to date.
Love and Hugs

Sheila said...

Busy day for you eh? I guess you won't be getting in to any trouble today. Ü Got your package in the mail... best wishes for surgery tomorrow... I put that on my note inside the package and thought... dumb da dumb, dumb-dumb, you won't get it B4 tomally. I will be thinking about you, my bloggy friend. toodles, Sheila