April 4, 2008

A teeny weeny outa sorts...

Sorry ya'll! The little fam is just a smidgen outta sorts at the present time.
I'll be sharing those little tid bits in a week or so.
So for now, a little Diddy I have watched say...oh, a kajillion times and have almost peed my pants (yes Father, PEE... again) every stinkin' time.
Can anyone besides me relate to the video in the post below...or is it just me and my whole body function issues?

Love Note to my Big Shooter: No sleep. Brain Dead. Feet Numb. Can't think of a thing witty or even remotely heart stringish. I am picturing you in my mind so I can think something up and all that keeps coming is...sigh...(big deep breath)...another BIG sigh..and then "I just love him...". and then I gag.


Flea said...

That is TOO funny! My Hunny had the same response. :)

Leslie said...