April 16, 2008

Our JBF offices

I am sitting here bloggin' at an ungodly hour b/c I only returned home from the office an hour or so ago.
Here is a picture of our office when the kids and husband are all taken care of and I can safely leave the house without it imploding:
For some reason Sashy and I lingered at the office tonight. I drank a whole pot of coffee by my self. And it is not doing it's job properly b/c I am falling asleep typing this. Please excuse any flagrant errors I make I am worn out from trying to keep my lids up.

Here is a picture of our daytime JBF office. This is where we meet when we would rather pay for entertainment to keep our Crumb Snatchers busy than mess with a baby sitter's schedule corresponding with ours. Or if we have an emergency meeting. Which surprisingly happens quite frequently.

No. We do not have corporate sponsorship from either of these establishments yet...but, we should. They are perfect for Mommas with business to take care of in the middle of the afternoon or night.
We got a lot accomplished and if any consignors are reading this ~ the checks are in the mail!
Very tired...zzzz...gotta...go...get...some...zzz...shut...eye...!!!

Love Note to my Big Shooter: I am so sorry I totally neglect you and the Snatchers during JBF season! I really, really appreciate you and all you put up with. I really do...


Flea said...

Mmmm. IHOP. Now I'm hungry for pancakes.

Jennifer said...

Now I know where to find you ;-)))

{Karla} said...

I like your choice of office space. Sound like a Prime Location!!!

xo ~K