April 30, 2008

Into Surgery He went

Good Mornin' Friends and Fam! This day came early for the Big Shooter and me! Being up and about before the Crack of Dawn is way overrated!

He was prepped, shaved (ya'll know his issues with hair right?), poked and prodded just the right amount before they whisked him off. We estimate after getting the epidural in place his surgery more than likely began right around 8:00 am.

He was smilin', jokin, and flirtin'. Just being Brian.

I will post again as soon as I can.

Thank you all for your unwavering love, kind and loving thoughts and overwhelming support.

We feel your love.

Love Note to my Big Shooter: A prayer for you today big guy instead of more gag-a-rama.

Dear Heavenly Father,

I love You more than life itself. As we have traveled this path I have learned exceedingly more of your Grace and Mercy. You are what makes our lives possible. Without You we are empty shells. Thank you Lord for carrying us in those awful moments. Thank you Lord for showing us Your mercies each morning. Thank you Lord for wisdom and guidance when we felt overwhelmed. We are humbled You take the time for all the little things that have mattered greatly to us.

As I kneel before Your throne, I ask You send your Spirit to the Love of my Life. Please wrap him in your loving, tender embrace and make Your presence known to him. I ask You to guide both surgeons' hands. Please give these men wisdom, clarity, and steadiness. You, Father, are the Great Healer. We believe in Your healing touch. Please caress Brian from the inside out so he may sing You praises.

We love you Lord.

In Jesus' precious and holy name,



Sheila said...

thanks for the updates!
toodles, Sheila

Anonymous said...

Quite the prayer! Mine are "Help em!" All are needed though!
It's a bitch sitting in the waiting room not knowing but all in the hands of God...but still not knowing...be strong but be cool..Sis!
Yesterday I said, "This is "it"...well..actually this is "it!" today. And the other part of "This is it" will be caring for the Big Lug when the elusive "This is it" has past!
We are here for, as the New Jersey MA says, You-es!

Bitsy said...

Hi there. I was so happy to haar some good news. I'm glad to hear the surgery went well. You two are so strong. Reminds me of Jan. She would be proud of you. I remember you everyday in my prayers and will continue to. Give Brian a big hug from me and one to you, too. Next time you come to Idaho I will make you spaghetti. No wait........my spaghetti makes you sick. How 'bout some chicken noodles???
Love to all of you,
Aunt Bitsy