April 26, 2008

Girl Child

Mommee: What is a group of monkeys called?
Girl Child: a party

Descriptions ~
Of her little 3 year old friend: "He's not even in Pre-school yet. He's a tood-ler."
Of Brain Dead Pug: "Wow. He's really getting wild-up"

Love Note to my Big Shooter: I want to spoil the tarnation out of our grandkids together...and then send them home full of sugar.


Sheila said...

My talent as an investigator is a little rusty... wasn't sure what BDP was until I used the link to find all posts with BDP [Brain Dead Pug] now I get it... I need a serious lesson in acronyms. Maybe if I was into sending text messages I would have a clue... her one-liners aren't incorrect but they are funny! toodles, Sheila

Sheila said...

girl child is bee-U-tee-FUL!
toodles, Sheila

Anonymous said...

Nothing to say...pizza last night...been up since 2:13 AM....petting the dog and eating Rolaids..... getting old ..... still a learning and moderation experiment!


Beth from the Funny Farm said...

She looks to be about the same age as my daughters. Cutie!