April 30, 2008

All great news!

Praise God! Dr. Rickner had all good news...
  • He did NOT need a blood transfusion! This was great news since he has one of the rare blood types and a transfusion was expected!
  • The pathology reports will be in 3-5 days instead of 7-10! Yay!
  • It took half the time because he did so well!
  • He'll be in recovery for a couple hours, then go to a room where I can Kiss His Face!

The Power of Prayer...it has NO EQUAL!!

Thank you all for your love, support, kind words and thoughtful deeds! We are so humbled!

Love to each of you.


Anonymous said...

Really, NOTHING TO "it"

so, relieved!

S. A. Merritt said...

Thank you, God, for these blessings!
Continued prayer for you both as he recovers... hang in there!

Queen B said...

Great news!!!! I know you feel such relief that it is over!!!

Still praying...

Beth from the Funny Farm said...

Still sending good thoughts and prayers your way.