April 30, 2008

No Pain...No Gain?

Finally, he has been assigned a room. (#9106 Green West) He is now in this room.

Here are the recovery room nurse's words, "Just so you are aware...he is in a tremendous amount of pain. You will need to ask him if he has pressed his self-administered medication. For those of you who do not know Brian has always been extremely resistant to pain medication. Please pray that this will be managed well and quickly.

More update will be coming as we have information.

Soul Sister and Sashi

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Christine said...

I just got home to read all the updates. I'm so happy everything went as planned! I thought of him this morning and on my way to take Carson to gymnastics and when I watched the boys play at the park. I thought about how your world is in that hospital right now and nothing else matters. But know that even if I'm not physically there, you are in my thoughts constantly today.