April 25, 2008

Baby Tree Monkeys

I've been walking down Memory Lane lately while trying to organize my photo-mess-of-pish-posh-files. Today I found the Tree Monkeys. Boy Child was barely 4 so that made Girl Child 2 1/2 ish.

I know it's so cliche, but where does all that time go? I never thought I'd forget those beautiful eyes and precious voices, yet looking at these photos makes my heart ache for those wee ones again. I can faintly hear those little voices and it was only a mere 6 years ago. Such a short time compared to a whole life span...

Lord, please help me see the little things each day. Give my spirit a nudge when You want me to notice something about them. Or some sweet little gesture or habits they acquire. I pray the cement hasn't hardened quite yet on their little personalities. I still have so much to teach them...about You, the world You created and always doing the right thing...whether someone is watching or not. Thank you for choosing me for them. I am humbled and thrilled to be able to call them son and daughter. Amen.

Love Note for my Big Shooter: I've said this before, of all the gifts you've given me - the Crumbs are, by far, the best. Thank you.


Jennifer said...


I can't believe how precious these are. I saw miss Bitty's face and just AWED!!! I'd do the same for Greyson but it's kind of hidden...somewhere...in...the...trees. Is he there? Hellooo??? Mr. Greyson???

Truthfully, great post Stacey! Thank you for reminding me to take the days:
1. One at a time
2. As precious moments
3. Never for granted

They grow SO fast!!!

Anonymous said...

Very nice post.....yes, I certainly remember how cute the grand kids used to be..... which one was my favorite...I will send them and email and inquire?

Anonymous said...

Too cute!!! Brings scrappin' memories. You are always on my heart. I am praying for you this early AM. Love, Heather

Sheila said...

I don't wanna wreck your whole day, but your gonna turn around one day and find yourself an empty nester...so cherish every moment. It sounds as though you already do.
toodles, Sheila

Flea said...

They're adorable! My middle child was a tree monkey and still is. :) But yes, isn't it wonderful to go back through the photos? I need to take more now that they're older.

Anonymous said...

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