April 22, 2008

Trunk Monkey

Since I am getting ready for next Wednesday's Big Surgery my blogging time has been immensely cut into. Sheesh! The things Big Shooter does to drag my attention away from Blog Land! I mean "It's cancer Dude. Get over it already." Of course all who know me heard me say that in a very sarcastic yet painful voice. Those of you who don't know me yet...it's okay, you can let some of the breath you just sucked out the room back out. I'm just kiddin' around. It's how we cope. It's healthy therapy called Very Inappropriate Humor.
Any way, my time's been rudely encroached upon so I have to come up with quick posts so I can at least sleep a few hours a night. The easiest posts? Stinkin' Hilarious Videos! In fact I think I need to dedicate one day a week to Stinkin' Hilarious Videos or Just Veg Out Videos. I need to see if my Girl Friday over at Splat Designs can make me a button for that. Speaking of her, if you haven't been over to her site to sign-up to win 3 Free Headers click on the Splat Design button below to go check her out before you watch this video. Because ya'll, once you watch this Stinkin' Hilarious video you will forget about headers, buttons and freebies. You'll be sending this link to everyone you know. Trust me. The Crumbs and I already did that after we snorted, spit milk, chortled and belly laughed!
Hurry over there! There's only 3 more days!
Sorry, Youtube is messing with me tonight. I have to post the video seperately below.
Love Note to my Big Shooter: Good days. Bad days. I hate the bad days. cancersucks.com


{Karla} said...

you crack me up!!!

I tried to reply to your comment last night and CAN'T FIND YOUR EMAIL!!!

Here is my reply from last night:

HA! you sound like me!!! BIG HUGE FLUNKY - that was me!! (ok - that didn't sound right AT ALL! "cause I know you aren't a flunky... ;0)

I probably logged about 30 hours of attempted knitting before I got it. I sat on the couch every night working on it. I'd do a few rows and then unravel it all. I'm sure by now I would have had enough scarfs to clothe the US Winter Olympic team.

Howsabout I come over and show you!!?? Sound like a plan!?

xo ~K

Anonymous said...

Staraight...you want straight...here's straight....what happend to the "Muszac" I let your selection play all day in the office while I worked on Excel...when the religious music would start the lights would blink, flick and go out as did the ceiling fan stop turning...then voices.... I sat very still... and the tract would skip too Roy Oberson (?) Mule Team and all was well again...