April 20, 2008

Peace Out, Dude.

For those of you concerned about Umbilical Boy you'll be thrilled to know the subject of today's post took place while Girl Child and I were sitting in the car waiting for him to come out of Target. That's right ya'll...#1...went...inside...all...by...his...lonesome. I know many of you never thought the day would come he'd step around the aisle from me. Frankly, neither did I. But come it did. Inside. By himself. I do believe the elasticity in the Cord is waning. He earned a little cash from selling toys at the recent JBF sale and, of course, it was burning a hole right through his jeans. A new Bionicle was calling loudly from the shelves inside.

Anyway, back to the subject of this post - a one-sided conversation I listened to from the lips of #2.

As we watched a very pretty young woman sashay in front of the car on her way into the store I was thinking, "Wow. That is a cute dress. Wish I was still young enough to pull that off." Beside me Crumb 2 said,"Wow. That's not a very modest outfit. I mean look it's like she's wanting to share her boobies with everyone...liiiike 'Hello world. Here we are." And then maybe they'd wave like this (picture her with her mouth open smiling and eyes huge to make an impression) and say 'Hi. Here we are being introduced to the world, whether we want to or not.' "

I was dumbfounded.

She was absolutely correct. Thank God, literally, she has Big Shooter for a daddy. He has made it his mission to instill modesty (at least clothing) in her. What kind of havoc have I wreaked on his progress by my silly comments or antics around the house I wonder? I was thinking all this in my mind when she finished with

"Now, if those were mine being introduced to the world they'd say, Peace out Dude...and give the Peace sign."

Oh Lordy...poor Big Shooter. She is most definitely my Minnie Me.

Love Note to my Big Shooter: Crumb Snatcher 2 has the best example of a Prince Charming she could ever need. Thank you for being ever vigilant when it comes to guarding her heart...and boobies... from the world.


S. A. Merritt said...

Oh! Congratulations on letting him go in ALL ALONE... I am so not there yet! And good job, Daddy, bringing up your little girl to have such good sense :)

Anonymous said...

Did Snatcher #1 come out? Did Sissy discuss the shash shay with snatcher #1?
Got to help Granny M out the door to swim her three miles this AM....before work.
Oh ..call me and I will tell you about the fire...and the fire trucks!

Erin said...

that is hilarious!!! how old is she?

Jennifer said...

Biddy...how funny. I love the fact that we think they're being so wonderful and we've trained them so well when all of the sudden..."Peace Out, Dude" comes out. That's one of those "spit pop all over the windshield" type laughing incidents.

Oh, and letting #1 go in the store all by his lonesome...are we really ready for this? (Ok I'm thinking about me really, not you considering my #1 is not quite a year younger than yours.) I'm sure John would love it if I let him do this...ahh, but NO!!!!!

Ok...going to have to loosen the strings a bit sometime.

Sheila said...

Loved it!!! Kids say some amazing things...you might just think you 'puttin one by em' and your not, they don't miss a beat. Smart little girl you have there. I so enjoyed this real life story... they are the best! toodles, Sheila, NV