April 25, 2008

Take your pick.

I can call these people and get the inevitable over with. Because Domestic Services have been discontinued until further notice. NotthatanyonecantellthedifferenfeintheShooterdomicile.

Or these people...cause the scales of frustration are prit-tee darn even right about - NOW.

I can't decide. Clean House or My Sanity. Hmmm.

Any opinions?

Oh, and Happy Friday.

Oops, one more thing...

Love Note to Big Shooter: Translation from Gag-a-Rama in Espanol..."You are the love of my life. Thanks for the all the laughs you've provided in the last 20 years. You are my Prince Charming, my knight in shining armour. I love you." Told you. It's so gag I can hardly re-read it for spelling errors.


Anonymous said...

Okay...I give up...have you poisoned the kids with hazardous chemicals and now need to adopt them out in an attempt to cover your tracks??????
Your LOVE NOTE TO BRIAN...thanks for the last 20 years and ...no mention of the future...what part of "keep a positive attitude" conversation did not register on you...WELL, FROM THE THE LOOKS OF THINGS....I'M GONNA HAVE A BAD DAY!

Flea said...

Your dad's hilarious. And isn't that a picture of your daughter on the adoption website?!

FIL said...

Sure brightened up my day. If I were you I would start with cleaning the house. Sanity is going to take a little longer. You started working on that when you lived here. I'm still pulling for you girl.

Love you guys

Jennifer said...

So is it the crumb snatchers causing the need for the hazardous material and therefore the frustration and subsequent adoption agency???

I can empathize in so many ways when it comes to frustration over huge messes. Also when there's so much it doesn't even seem to be a starting point. Plus, getting the kids to help makes the cleaning job twice as hard because they argue over every little thing. It's enough to want to scream and throw them out on their pretty little hynies. (SP??)

I'm with you girl. Hang in there...this too shall pass.

Sheila said...

My choice is skip the cleaning... considering all the chemicals in cleaning products, you might inhale and lose the ability to think clearly in regards to the crumbsnatchers, either that or have the kids do the cleaning... but if your kids clean like my kids used to clean... it's not worth sacrificing your ears to the whining and you'll be doing it all over again yourself. Hang In there!