April 10, 2008

Dear Friends,

My sweet big guy needs some lovin' on. He has not done well since his gallbladder was removed liked we had so hoped! The plan was no gallbladder = no more pain + eating = renewed strength. Wrong.
He has not been able to keep anything solid down now for almost two months and he is weak...weak. And I don't just mean his body. His mind is weak too. And so is his spirit.
After another kajillion tests we have been informed they have found a pool of bile where his gallbladder used to be. They do not know if it is a continuous leak or a postoperative one that corrected itself. So...another test tomorrow.
Then more than likely - another surgery to repair/fix the first one before the big kidney one!
He's glad to know there really is something wrong with him. Yet feeling defeated because he just can't seem to catch a break these days!
I ask your prayers to be for wisdom and guidance for his team of doctors. The renewing of Big Shooter's faith. And for his body to hang in there a while longer.
We love you all and am more grateful than you will ever know that you are all there behind us!
Straight Shooter
Love Note to my Big Shooter: No matter what you feel like or what you've just endured...you put a smile on those beautiful lips and a carefree attitude in your voice when the Crumbs are nearby. I love the protective Daddy in you. Thanks Big Guy!


Jennifer said...

Can I be sappy for just a moment?!?!? Brian, I have seen you several times during this whole ordeal. Never once during that time do you let it show in your face, your talk or the way you present yourself that this is getting you down. It's so commendable. You show your faith through the way you present yourself.

I will of course pray for wisdom and direction for the doctors as well as Brian's faith. We love you guys. Let us know if there's anything we can do to help out.

Anonymous said...

Oh Crap! You're right! He can't catch a break...don't let him go to Vegas!
Brian is "THE" trooper though...gotta give it to him! I will let all know the latest..for prayers in all levels....off to Chicago...will call the Trooper tomorrow after......

Queen B said...

Praying for you all!!

Flea said...

You guys are in my prayers. Doctors too!

Andrea said...

Of course you have our prayers here. We love you guys so much!

Bri--I always knew you were full of s**t (I mean bile)

{Karla} said...

praying for y'all.

xo ~K

Lindsay said...

I am praying for Big Shooter RIGHT NOW!