May 14, 2008

Dear Friends,

The words "Thank you" and "blessing" do not even come close to covering what we feel for all of you.
How do you begin to say thank you for visiting us, praying for us, holding us, cooking for us, caring for us, babysitting for us, worrying over us, cleaning under our bed, bringing us several of anything we've asked for...etc., etc., and ETC.?!
The fact that you all take the extra time and effort involved makes our hearts swell with gratitude.
The fact you care about and want to show us your friendship makes our hearts swell with love for you.
The fact we have the greatest friends on the planet is overwhelming us at the moment!
So truly, all we can say is, "Thank you. You are more blessing than we deserve."
We love you Friend. Every one of you.

Update and Love Note for today are in post below.


FIL said...

No thanks needed Darlin... Thats just he way I am. I think you would do the same for me.Heyyyyyyyyy by golly....I think you already have. Thanks Much..

Love you two more than Tomato soup.

FerLee said...

You are welcome. I'm just glad there's something we can do to help. Thanks to Marcy for organizing meals and giving us an opportunity to help out!!!

Anonymous said...

That's just the way 'we' roll...

Christine said...

Hey, so I guess since you're posting my burritos didn't kill you. We love you guys too (but put you next to tomato soup and we might have a problem).

Flea said...

Hate tomato soup. :)

Anonymous said...

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