May 6, 2008

Bionic Smell?

I had a small brain surgery a few summers ago and when I returned home I kid you not, I had bionic hearing.
The regular hum of the refrigerator running sounded like a train going through the kitchen. I told BS someone was on our porch with a was our neighbor across the street behind his house in the garage carrying a plastic bucket. I am not making this stuff up. BS thought I'd fallen in a vat of toxic slime and had become like some sort of super hero (well in my case Super Villain).
I told him to please shoo the neighbor kids playing on our front wall away before someone fell off and sued us. He came back into the house with a weirder look on his face than normal and told me the only kids outside where the ones at the end of the next block.
So imagine how quickly I understood when BS started to make smell, fragrance or aroma comments the moment we got home.
Bionic I tell you.
  • "Did you just cut up carrots?" Uh, yesss. I am in the kitchen. He is in the back of the house in our bed.
  • "Did the BDP just let one?" I had to go into the living room to check, which by the way is even further away from the bedroom than the kitchen!
  • "Can you do me a favor when you get a chance? Can you wash the curtains hanging behind the bed?" ????? Ummm, sure. I'll get right on that Big Shooter.

Bionic smell. This outta be interesting.

Love Notes to my Big Shooter: It's so good to be home with all those near and dear to me under one roof. I am so thrilled to have you home Solo Kidney Man! Have you let it sink in yet BS? Cancer Free (in awe), Cancer Free (high squeaky voice), Cancer free (deep voice), CANCER FREE (yelled), cancer free (whispered). Yep, cancer free.


Anonymous said...

Go get some Wal-Mart brand Frebreze and let BS spray away!!!

FerLee said...

Awesome!!! Cancer Free!!!

Bionic Smell?? That could be a blessing or a curse...depending on who comes over.

You did give out like a billion beans!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I also wanted to mention that it suprises me you haven't smelled all the wonderful oders that are constantly expelled from the Roderick household. I have a new rule of the week, no farts in a room that is occupied by another human being...not too much luck with this so far.

Erin Ward said...

I am so jealous of your super powers.

Queen B said...

Um. Is there such a thing as a SMALLl brain surgery?

Flea said...

CANCER FREE!!!!!!! Praise GOD!!!!

So do you still have bionic hearing? Are you able to distinguish the depth of sound, or do all sounds come at you with equal intensity?

Don't be making corned beef and cabbage any time soon for BS. It smells bad enough with a normal nose.

ShEiLa said...

Thank heavens he is not making that BIONIC SMELL... I was concerned until I read the whole post. Of course my hubby would tell you that would be my talent.
toodles, sheila

faroutmom said...

I remember all too well about your hearing. It was weird. Very cool to be superhero-esque, but still weird. Interesting that Bri has a super power too.

Which reminds me...does #1 have any super powers yet? I recall that he was waiting on his powers to become SuperMan.