May 4, 2008

Big Shooter Kidney Memorial

When you come visit him you will receive a can of memorial kidney beans* signed, "No kiddin'. Love, Brian".
*Only available while supplies last.


Rudy said...

You guys are too funny! Mark needs to come visit, I'm runnin' low on groceries :) I am so thrilled everything is going better....the power of prayer!

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed your "kidney" in a wonderful pot of chilli.
Thanks, Heather AND Russell (now that's how he rolls...)

Anonymous said...


faroutmom said...

Dave would like me to ask for a signed can of kidney beans. He is sorry that he can't make it to Tulsa at this time, but would love a memento signed by BS himself. I told him that he would have to visit to get an autograph, but that I would put it out there, seeing as how I am friends with someone who knows him.

ShEiLa said...

what a FUN idea... love it!
toodles, Sheila