August 25, 2008

...until Vancouver 2010

I have no profound words. The Shooter fam is deliriously tired from 16 very late nights. We feel satiated by great memerable moments. Our most favorite game right now is "So now what's your favorite Olympic moment".

* Girl Child loved the swimming. Anything swimming. She also loved the rhythmic gymnastics (much to my chagrin) and the synchronized swimming.

* Boy Child loved the BMXers. I assume because of the spectacular crashes. Anything field - javelin, long jump, high jump, pole vault.

* Big Shooter also loved the swimming. And volleyball - inside and beach.

* I loved all of it. Couldn't seem to get enough of it.

Queen B asked if I was weepy when the flame went out?
I replied, "No, it was a full-on cryfest with a snotty blow to boot!"

Apparently, I had not prepared/informed the Crumb Snatchers the flame would be extinguished in the cauldron. Little tiny oversight.
As I was giving a quick lesson about the flame originating in Greece and being carried around the world to the host country to light the new cauldron, my voice cracked...all was lost after that.

I have one more flag to give away. Leave a comment about these Games. If you already have one or won one, still leave a comment because an extra flag is always handy for parades, holidays or protests right?

Following is a looong group of our favorite moments.
What a beautiful sight.
Both of them.

Until Vancouver in 2010...

Love Note to my Big Shooter: Guess what? The next Games are only 536 days away!


Andrea@Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

I fully enjoyed what I saw of the games... I didn't watch it avidly for various reasons, but Daniel and I had a great time watching what we could. I loved how, when Daniel was TDY and I couldn't watch the Olympics, he would watch them in his hotel room while I was on the phone, he would give the play by play and all the tiny details. It was like I was a blind person and he was my eyes. It was very sweet and made it so I could still be involved.

I also thoroughly enjoyed this series. Daniel and I read through a couple of posts I had missed last night. We had fun laughing and learning. Thanks SS for all the work it took to write these posts! We appreciated it!


Anonymous said...

Wow what an awesome job you did for us! I had to rely on you since I wasn't able to watch a whole lot of the games. When I did I was immensely proud to be an American. Just hearing the announcers say how an athlete was so honored & proud to be wearing the jersey with USA on it made me teary-eyed. And to think of the time all those parents have given up is UNbelievable! Thanks again Stacey for an outstanding job!

Unknown said...

We watched more Olympics this year than normal and I blame, I mean, I thank you for that! I think Gymnastics was the favorite sport around here but my favorite moments were the medal ceremonies. Of course , I preferred the US being the gold but each time I thought about how much work they have but in and all the sacrifices for that one moment....and teared up every time.

Thanks for shooting it straight on the Olympics! And good luck with JBF!

Anonymous said...

No doubt..this was the GREATEST Olympic show thus far!
My comment...Like daughter...What the heck is rhythmic gymnastics..interpretive dance? Hey I say....take that hoola hoop fold it into a boomerang and give it a heave! Reach under your cute little outfit and drag out the barbeque light fluid...squirt it around you in a circle and light er up! Standing inside the circle of flames of truth reach up and grab an air guitar and start whanging out to the ear splitting volume "Born In the USA" till your nose bleeds..when the flames subside smash the air guitar over your knee and again reach up and grab the returning boomarnag and return it to the hoola hoop design put around your waist and hoola hoop youself off stage! All the while grinning like a monkey eating crap out of a hairbrush!

Jenni said...

I've been catching up. For the longest time your site kept crashing on me; no idea why! But I'm happy to be back now, and I've really enjoyed reading your Olympic coverage! Made me feel like I was almost there.

What in the world will you find to talk about now? LOL...I'm sure you'll come up with something...

faroutmom said...

I would like to join the other Andrea by saying a huge heartfelt "Thank you!!" to S.S. for the great coverage. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I watched a lot of the Olympics, but still saw a few things that I had missed. YOU ROCK SISTER!! Have I told you that lately?

Can't wait til 2010!!!!


Heather said...

Ok, after your Dad's post, I can see where you get it! ;) Too funny!
But I must say the "agonies of defeat" are surely NOT your "favorite" moments. Should they not fall into the "memorable" moments category?
And in ALL seriousness, I LOVED your coverage and all the pics! I don't know how you did it.
I, also, believe we "may be" somewhat neighbors. ;)

Anonymous said...

Fabulous pictures. I should have skipped the games, saved the time, and just caught this post. Of course, Misty and Kerri - my all time faves. Hope we get invited to the baby showers!

Rudy said...

I enjoyed the olympics but I'm glad they are over. Will be nice crawling in bed at 9 again:) You did such an amazing job keeping us up to date all the competitions...thank you so much! Love all the pictures in this post.

Queen B said...

Thank you so much for your EXCELLENT posting on all things Olympic. It truly made the games more enjoyable for our family. I know it took a ton of time for you to pull it all together. You rock!

Flea said...

THANK YOU for your wonderful coverage of the Olympics! I loved the closing ceremonies last night. I want one of those giant wheeled bikes! And a dress with lots of tiny bells (those drove me crazy - sounded like lots of crickets).

ShEiLa said...

I loved hearing about real life people overcoming real life obstacles... which made for real life stories that presented each Olympian as a hero. Gold, Silver, Bronze... are a nice touch but the true challenge was in getting there and living the dream.
ps. gotta go hit the treadmill and it won't be nearly as interesting without watching the Olympics and pretending I am in training for an olympic event.

FerLee said...

I haveto say I'm kind of glad they're over.

My favorite moments...our swimmers!!! Do you know what I liked the most about them-other than the fact that they totally rocked!-was that it was a race and their were no judges!!!

My 3 favorite things to watch is gymnastics, diving & swimming...and 2 out of 3 are based on judging, not who actually hits the wall first. I won't even go into what I thought about the whole girls' gymnastics fiasco. I think that's why I'm glad it's over.

Your coverage was awesome!!! I would come and check it out daily to see what I missed (because I actually DID go to bed!!!)

Thanks, my friend, for your long, hard work keeping us informed. Now on to school, JBF, etc!!!

FerLee said...

In rereading my grammar totally stinks!!! Please ignore my comment faux pas!!!