August 5, 2008

We interrupt these Olympic commercials to announce Choc-O-late Winners!

Sashi had the honor of choosing the winner of the first box of Godiva. I'd like to say she used some scientific formula (she's a former math teacher) doo hickey, or calculated by the moon and stars. I can't. She called and said, "Hands down. Ah gets it. You know the one who doesn't see her husband except to coordinate schedules?" Knowing my Other Spouse she felt a connection, a kinship, with Ah. Sashi does an exorbitant amount of driving her three to places of practice, school, church, etc. I (also guessing with my limited knowledge of my Spouse) think she feels bad Ah's el husbando forgets her birthday. And the fact Ah suggested dating her hubby several times in the comment didn't hurt her I am sure! If you'll email me with a way to reach're Godiva will be on it's way. Congrats Ah.

The second box was chosen by me (with help from the Crumbs) without anything ShmancyFancy. We wrote down all the commenter's names, put them in a hat, and let Big Shooter pick one out. It was Andrea from Sgt. and Mrs. Hub. Congrats Andrea. And Thanks a bazillion for sticking it out and reading the Saga a.k.a. Dara Torres everyone!

I will be posting a couple stories in the mid-morning.
Until then, Thanks y'all for participating in this here little give away! Just so you know, I am in the midst of gathering items for several future give aways. They are fun, fun.

See you in a bit.


Andrea@Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

Love those 'Crumbs!' Even your winner announcements are entertaining!! You have a gift indeed ;)


WomanHonorThyself said...


ShEiLa said...

Congrats to the lucky winners.

faroutmom said...
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faroutmom said...

Congrats and enjoy the chocolate!!

FerLee said...

Congrats Ah & Andrea...way to go!!!