August 11, 2008

Day 2...Pat wins a flag!

Who won Gold today?

Yeah Baby!!!!

Chinese Judo...Grandma? Wins the Gold!
This picture just makes me smile. I think we heard him here in Plainsville.
Great Britain!
That was some serious rain. We had just pointed out what hazardous conditions it must be when the awful crash happened. The Crumbs witnessed Olympic Dreams crumble. Their first. They were silent. I cried.

What else happened today?

"We're fine." ~ Women's Gymnastic Coach after our girls had many setbacks today.

"The Americans? We will smash them. That is what we came here for." ~ Member of the French relay team yesterday in an interview.

Arrrr!!! I am trying to just take a deep Cleansing Breathe y'all. You know how I feel about The French right. don't. Maybe I've not shared? Welllll, let's put it this way, since this is not really a product of France, all they seem to share is the color of the mustard. *Edited after relay: Nanny, Nanny, Boo, BOO! (I can say it here - out of earshot of some Crumbs!)

POTUS & Laura were at THE basketball game (watched by a billion people!) and then again to cheer on that MIND-BLOWING, FANTASTIC, UNBELIEVABLY SATISFYING win over a certain group of Frenchmen...I think he got those scabs while riding the mountain bike track. Seriously. He did. Ride the track.

I found these trivia tid bits about China's Shining Track Star today:
"An overseas insurance company estimates that Olympic hurdling champion Liu Xiang's legs are worth $13.5 million.
Liu is currently living like a monk in Beijing, concentrating on training and nothing else. His team strictly controls his diet and has banned pork in case he puts on weight. All his food is tested to ensure no chemicals have been added.
Medicinal soups, popular in China, are also prohibited. No seasoning is allowed on his food and even his water has to be taken from a tested source."

for the Crumb Snatchers...

Anyone recognize Cullen Jones from the 400m relay team tonight?
He almost drowned when he was 5.
They pumped a pint of water from his lungs before he took a breath again.
His momma would have nothing to do with his now very warranted fear of water. So she enrolled him in the local swim club.
Tonight he is an Olympic Gold Medal Champion.
In his off season he runs a swim club of his own. He teaches underprivileged kids to swim.
LESSON: I would like the Crumbs to see what overcoming fear can do for the lives God has in store for them.
Love Note to my Big Shooter: Our Crumbs will forever remember us screaming, cheering, blowing horns so loud we woke the neighbors...who were their house.


Flea said...

I watched the Olympics tonight! Okay - I am at work and the girls had it on in both rooms. But it was AWESOME!

Anonymous said...

Granny M and I watched some of the coverage last night...GREAT stuff!
This AM I opened up the computer on my Google will like what hey did for the educational mapping...not just for the crumbs...but probably others as well??? The "French", the Generation in 1945 thought very highly of the's really only been the last two generations that hate us...Now days, like little kids they say and do anything to draw attention. Otherwise no one notices them. The media Loves it.

Fawn said...

Yummy Yum Yum Cullen. Ew Baby!

Rudy said...

We watched all day and Logan is really getting into it. How about that 33 yr old woman gymnast(Russian now playing for Germany).

ShEiLa said...

I like todays lesson. I must admit that the fear of things keeps me from doing some of them. Like a fear of heights (from climbing cliffs or repelling oh even jumping tall buildings in a single bound(Ü)) My nephew drowned and it was my son that brought him from the bottom of the pool to me at the top... I am CPR trained and yet my fear got the best of me and I couldn't work on him to save his life. (my Dad did) Kristopher is still alive and I was always worried that the first thing my sister did was enroll him in a swimming class... my horrid memory of the color blue... would have kept me from making that decision.

faroutmom said...

Bahahahaha!!! I can totally see you all waking your neighbors (in their home) from the confines of your own home.

I love the story of Cullen!

Awesome day!