August 16, 2008

Day 7 ~ Hump Day and Fair Warning

We're heading over the hump today, half way through the events. And I have to be fair and warn you about today's post with one word ~ Long

Consider yourself foretold.

Who won medals today?

The 7th the length of a fingernail...

They, literally, could not get any closer.

Blink. Gold. Blink. Silver.

Cesar the Brazilian a.k.a. The World's Fastest Swimmer

Pass a tissue please.
Poor Cesar. Kleenex has a new spokesperson if they need one.
Who knew there was a Gold to be won for a 20km walk? Apparently Russia did.

He is 6'4 and weighs 330 lbs. He would be high on my list to not want to meet in a dark alley...

...until I see him with his flowers. Now he just looks like a big teddy bear to me.

She had food poisoning 3 days ago. Today she became one in 3 Americans to ever medal in the 10,000m race. Way to go Shalane!

What else happened today?

LOTS. That's what.

"Back off Sister!"

Sapphire didn't like the look of this fence. Too bad his rider didn't know that beforehand!

Honestly, I don't know much about soccer. But the action shots are fantastic!
Is it just me, or does that look like a grandma runnin' with the pups?

A three hour match? Three hours.
And, it seems, he was not the most honest among the competitors. Too bad for our dude.

I just put her pic in here b/c I really liked the fact she had clothes on. I mean, look at 'er! She's gorgeous and doesn't feel the need to play chicken with her some Americans I know...

The Steeple Chase:

It is 3,000m long. Has at least 28 obstacles. 7 more being water. It is so named b/c long ago racers would start in the center of a village near their Church square and run to the next village's square. The steeples were their most obvious way of finding the next village fastest. On the way, they were more than likely to encounter brooks, rocks, fences, and so on. Hence the name.

Oh. My. Word. We yelled so loud, long and often during this close encounter with the Swiss that it took 20 minutes for my heart rate to slow down. Ai yi YI!

Just cool.

Have you ever wondered how they get the horses to the Games? Now that I asked you that, I am wondering now. I'll let you know tomorrow. Along with some other facts I read about. Facts of Life to be exact.

No trivia about this pic. Just loved the way the H2O Cube looked with the sun setting on it.

This Gold Medalist is returning to Big Shooter's and my home state of Idaho. Remember her from a few days ago? Armstrong? No matter. I just put her pic here for my Dad's sake.

I hear (I wouldn't know) tennis is an extremely gentlemanly sport, like golf, with lots of rules. Etiquette is a huge part of the athlete's game AND the crowd's job. Apparently, the Chinese are in need of some quick lessons. They are now handing out Etiquette of Tennis sheets when the crowds begin to enter the venue...

I can't imagine why?

This is one line of many, many to get in to the Bird's Nest.

In memory of Todd Bachman.

His wife was flown back to the states to be admitted to an American hospital. Her family issued a heartfelt thank you to for the outstanding care she has received from the Chinese.


for the Crumb Snatchers.

LESSON: Sportsmanship!

I love The Momma!

She is a FIERCE competitor and a compassionate friend to the kids she swims with. But, she is soooo a momma. Did you all catch the Swimsuit Malfunction last night? She broke her unshakable pre-swim concentration to go talk with the Head Lady and make sure they waited for a fellow athlete to change her ripped suit.

Did it affect Dara's performance to put someone else's welfare before her Olympic concentration?


She finished first in her heat.



For this next part of the Crumbs lesson, I guarantee if you know me, you'll be smiling a little evil smile the whole time knowing the pain it is causing me.

Remember precious Cesar? The emotional Brazilian?

See those two competitors comforting and congratulating him?

Wellll...they'd be the Frenchmen.

And not just any Frenchman...THE Frenchman.

How poetic is this? I get to teach my Crumbs about sportsmanship using the one athlete I've shown less than acceptable sportsmanship toward!

Ugh! (and not the good kind)

And who ever thinks God does not have a sense of humor is crazy!

And the last example?

An impeccable example.

The Silver Medalist By a Fingernail smiled, congratulated, and was gracious.

Way to go Mr. Serbian Guy!

You have made this momma so proud to say, "Did you see his example?!"



FerLee said...

Speaking of sportsmanship...did you hear they stripped the wrestler who threw a fit and threw down his bronze medal? Way to go Olympic officials!!!!

Anonymous said...

I cannot BELIEVE the investment you are making in reporting on the Olympics via your blog.

Your kids have the BEST TEACHER EVER.

I'll say this. YOU deserve a medal.

You're hardcore girl! And I'm blessed just to be reading!

Rudy said...

Swimming and the men's beach volleyball was awesome last night. Men's beach volleyball today was good too. Love when the scores keep tying, keeps me at the edge of the couch.

ShEiLa said...

I jokingly told my husband that it was a good thing that Michael had those acrylic fingernails put on yesterday. Can you believe it???? Wasn't his Mom the funniest with a #2 in the air??? Not mamma dearest #1!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm a first time reader of your blog, but your humor, honesty, and realness will have me coming back! Keep up the great work.

Anonymous said...

I had to be gone ALL day yesterday, with no access to a TV or computer or anything. It was almost unbearable...if I weren't doing it for God I don't think I could have gotten through it. Thanks for this wounderful re-cap, I knew I could count on you. Love, Soul Sis.

WomanHonorThyself said...

phenomenal posting girl!!!