August 21, 2008

Day 12 is the Day of the Volleyball

Do I know much more went on yesterday?
Do I care?
Apparently not.
When it came time to download pix, there was not one of anything else. Not one.
So today, it's all about the little white, yellow and blue ball.

That's okay with me.
Just look at them.
I cried and cried with them.

Their fans were dedicated, loyal and enthusiastic!

And they put on a GREAT show!

What more could we ask for? The Team USA vs. The Hosts China for THE GOLD!!

Seriously, I wasn't sure if my heart could take too much more.

I need to replenish Eula Mae's Nitro meds for her ticker.

The moment of VICTORY!

A shared moment that was 4 years in the making.

Four years.

108 straight victories.
Putting the sport first.
1000's of practices.
Injuries, surgeries galore.

Sweat, blood and tears.

This is my fave Medals Ceremony ever.

The emotions were all over them.

The swayed from tears

to smiles

to victorious shouts to the heavens.

It was glorious, emotional, raw Olympic Spirit!

It was fabulous!

And just like that it's over. They both confirmed in the post game interview that THEY WANT BABIES...yesterday.

For America's future team...

Arrrgh. She's gonna be a fab fun mom!


Okay, so the next two teams haven't won gold...yet. But they are well on their way. And the games and stories are heart string pullers People!

Back in 1984 when the Chinese were even more OBSESSED with their athletes this lady Jenny Lang Ping led the National China Team to the Gold in Los Angeles.

Then the Cubans came on the scene and they've never relented. They won the gold in '92, '96, '00 and the bronze in '04.

They were scary good...until yesterday.

When a former Chinese woman led her girls to a OVER-THE-TOP exciting victory.

I felt bad for them when I saw them crying.Until I remembered how well our girls played.

How well they defended the fortress.

Oh yeah Baby! Here. It. Comes.
Yesssss....sweet victory.

By the way, the Chinese fans in the stands went Nuts Zoid.

That was cool.

On to the Mens US Team.


They have had a hard go of it. They played the first three matches of The Games without their coach. They have bonded and banded together like a tribe of Scottish brothers.

And they are working their bahookeys off to get the job done.

It's workin'.

They're goin' for the GOLD!
Get ready for some excitement.

I so feel like this guy.
OMG! one minute.
5 Kleenex-Alarm the next.

Love Note to my Big Shooter: You've been a Real Trooper as usual through the last couplea weeks. I noticed. I took note. I owe. I'll re-pay ever you'd like. Heh.


ShEiLa said...

I clicked over to see the lastest post from you... and the Olympic tunes made me smile almost immediately. I will be sad when the games end... and the music of the Olympics fade. At least it won't be forever.

Anonymous said...

Just found you. Great stuff. I also loved the volleyball - blogged aobut it myself today. Love those gals.

Flea said...

Okay. WHO agreed to the women's volleyball uniforms? Seriously. Bikinis? But YAY! for gold!

Rudy said...

Was totally amazing watching Kerri and Misty May, I was at the edge of my seat the entire game. What was up with that Chinese elbow injury...fake or real? Oh I agree with that volleyball uniform comment, especially white?!

Kimberly said...

I love the olympics, aren't they amazing?! Great post!