August 4, 2008

Have you looked at the widget on the sidebar lately?!

Less. than. 5. days. away!!
How can it already be here? I have so many more Olympians to tell the Crumbs about. We haven't finished our Geography Lessons. (The Games lend themselves perfectly for this by the way fellow homeschoolers...or anyone else.) We're almost done with studying Chinese Culture. We're still working ahead to get future chores and duties done ahead of time. You know, so Domestic Bliss can still reign during the upcoming Two Week Domestic Hiatus.
Btw, this is one of my area's very fun Domestic Divas. Click here to stop by and say, "Howdy Do."
But most importantly, the question weighing heavily on my mind is, "Do we have everything we need ready to rock and roll come Friday evening?" Almost. I need to make a few quick runs, then we are Golden.

Here is our Comprehensive List for Successful Olympic Watching Must Haves:

Small air-horns ~ These are fun, fun. But, they get used once, outside, right after the Olympic Flame is lit. Note to self: Remind poor elderly neighbors of upcoming hoopla. I found this site to make air horns. Now it can be a fun science/craft project instead! And I won't mind them blowing them the whole time!

Hats ~ Can be any American type hat. Cowboy hats. Party hats. Trucker hats. Uncle Sam hats. Baseball hats. Dr. Seuss hats. Red, White and Blue hats. Wearing head wear just makes events more special.

Poms & Small U.S. flags ~ for the obvious waving opportunities.

Big U.S. flags ~ Of course we have our big, nice one flying outside the house. But I would like to have another inexpensive one for the Crumbs to hold, use as a cape (Fellow flag lovers, flag etiquette followers - I know it's against the rules. I'm doing it anyway.) or wrap around themselves while they stand on a stool and sing along when our beloved song is played for the World to hear! (I have several I keep on hand in the trunk of my car. For those pesky times I feel the overwhelming need to offer one to someone who is flying a tattered or too weathered one. Yes, I am serious. Yes, I have stopped at strangers' houses. Businesses too. What do I say? What do they say? That's a post right there, isn't it?)

Snacks & Drinks ~ Usually we just use this time for an excuse to serve the snacks we eat during the Ultimate All-American event - the Super Bowl. These Games we are going to have a few of our fam's faves (popcorn, pretzels, vanilla almonds, etc.), but we're adding a few other's too. And I'll need y'all's help for this one. I'd like to add a few things that scream American to the list. Like apple pie. Jello. And then my mind goes black. (I'd say blank, but that was a long while back.) Can ya give a girl a hand with some ideas? We are also going to be doing a little Home Ec. during the day making Foreign Treats. It should be fun.

White poster boards ~ One for each Crumb to make their "I'm proud to be an American" banner or sign for Opening & Closing Ceremonies. And one for the whole fam to work on making a Family Symbol. Found a site to give us ideas.

Noise Makers ~ The usual. Party horns. Cow bells. Clackers and clappers. Megaphones. Etc.

Xanax & Kleenex & a new Larynx ~ all for the obvious reasons...


Love Note to my Big Shooter: (sigh)...(bigger sigh)...Ready to rock and roll with the Good Ole U.S.A.? I am. Crumbs think they are. I am not quite sure if they really remember what Freaks of Nature we really are when it comes to this...they're about to though. I hope they don't run away from home after the first night.

Note from Straight Shooter: I'll be back today with a few featured Olympians or I'll double up tomorrow so we can meet more of these amazing people.


Andrea@Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

You are SUCH FUN!! Your kids are going to grow up with the greatest memories!!


Unknown said...

I am glad you see you still carry flags around - I loved that!! How about strawberries/blueberries/yogurt(or ice cream, cool whip, etc) for a snack??

Like Andrea said above - you are so fun. Your kids are lucky!!

Rudy said...

That sounds like so much fun!! I wannn join you :) Today Show is in China now and talking to some of our olympians.

Gordostyle said...

You are seriously one of the coolest people I "know." Ok... don't "really" know ya... but just from reading your blog... I LOVE your thought process! And your kids are so going to be the COOLEST ever when they grow up! Way to go Straight Shooter!


Flea said...

Red white and blue jello

ShEiLa said...

You are so prepared & I love it! Every last detail has been planned in advance down to the red, white, and blue jello snack!

Redneck Diva said...

While I love your blog and I super love the fact that you shouted me out on said blog (Btw, thank you very much!), I am perplexed about the Olympics obsession. I uhm...never watch them....and uhm....hadn't planned on it this year either. I know, I might need an intervention. However, I think y'all are just too cute with the whole business! We get that kind of excited when the monster trucks come to town.

Rachel said...

We love the Olympics too! This year, we'll probably watch them with our Chinese friend and his parents. We've watched with him in years past. I'm just used to cheering for the USA. He always cheers for China first, obviously. I'm not sure how it will go with his parents...