August 18, 2008

Day 9 ~ Short and Sweet

After the excitement of this past week (and all the research that has gone into the posts), preparations for JBF getting hot and heavy, and the lesson planning for a smooth start of a New School's post and maybe even tomorrow's will be skimpy at best.

Who won medals today?

What must this 33 yo Momma be thinking of her silver?

Our little Shawn was once again a gem. Gracious. Kind.

How about these beautiful American Golden Girls rowing their way to a victory? Outstanding!

Yah, Mon. They have definitely moved on from bobsledding.
The first ever medal for Croatia!!

What else happened today?

Shooo! Did anyone else almost pee their pants witnessing this?!

The Whole Nation was riding on his back.

He's the reason the 80,000 seat Bird's Nest is sold out day after day.

I hope they are gracious and kind. Like we've seen so many others show.

Oh, I hope so. Pray for him and his nation friends.

A couple days ago I said I'd give you a little Olympic Birds and Bees Trivia. Well here it is: The Aids and World Health group together with the Chinese gov't distributed over 400,000 condoms to hotels and public places in Beijing. Here's what I found interesting. A quarter, 100,000, of them were deposited in the Olympic Village for the use of the 16,000 athletes. Now, you can verify this with my Other Spouse, Saucy Sashi if you'd like, but she'll tell you I don't naturally find numbers interesting. But these #s I did. And this is what I deduced. (That is not a word I ever thought I'd use describing something I did.) Any way, the simple math says each athlete has 6 (and a quarter) condoms at their disposal. And since it takes two for the act but only one condom, that leaves me with the conclusion that every athlete pretty much has 12 (and a half) condoms each for their use. In a round about way. Right? Then that means the athletes can potentially have 12 (and a half) protected encounters in 16 days. Wow. That's a whole lot of potential going around.

Now, please go back to what ever you were doing and try not to think about what goes through my mind. Why, out of all the research I've been doing, this fact stuck in my mind? And, while you're at it, try not to think about that half encounter either.


for the Crumb Snatchers.

The Lesson for Today was loud and clear: How to handle disappointment with your head held high.

Lia Xiang, with 1,300,000,000 hopes on his back, walks off the track and away from his Olympic Dream.

Notice the fans. The Bird's Nest became uneasily silent in disbelief.

The contrast in our nations from one day to the next is profound.
We have Phelps.
They had Xiang.
How are they going to handle the disappointment becomes the question.

Hopefully, they will take their cues from someone like her...

and her...

and her!


Rudy said...

Alicia was "ripped off" last night, using Bella's words. She should have gotten a medal on her vault. Loved the interview with Michael Phelps and his mom.

WomanHonorThyself said...

love it girl!..gosh check out my latest post I have a feeling you'll dig it..wink*

FerLee said...

Watching tonight the uneven bars. I'm trying not to have too bad of opinions of the way the judging is going...but man it's ticking me off!!! How is it our girls keep getting jipped??? I'm glad the gymnastics is almost done. I'm not sure I can handle much more of this "Home Field Advantage". The world would be screaming if this happened in the US!!!!

Anonymous said...

12 and a 1/2 occasions in 16 days??? Wow that is like our yearly quota with 12 days left over!!

1/2 my love
big shooter