August 20, 2008

Day 11 - only 4 to go!

Wow. Murphy's Law is always perfection isn't it? I take the day off to vent, and excitement abounds. Both in Beijing and the Venting comments. Nothin' like me shootin' my mouth to cause some ruffled feathers. Heh. Heh.

Since I missed the recap, I now miss the recap. Does that make any sense? I may have to go back and do one just cause...I am odd that way.

Just so you know, in case you don't hear it elsewhere today, there are several final medal events tonight in prime time. Like volleyball, 200m, some field events and more on the debut of bmx. Boy Child was up way late for that last night. Good thing he only has to come to the kitchen for school. I'm thinking there might be a Late Slip in his near future. Neither scholar of ours is going to know what hit them next week when Momma has no legit reason for sleeping in. Is anyone else feeling the Olympic Pain a.k.a. Sleep Deprivation?
Enough chit chat. Let's get down to The Games.

Who won medals today?



He could not have done a finer job!

The ceremony was a Kleenexer for me. She was trying to keep it together. Her momma, however, did not. Therefore, I did not either...

I put this on here b/c I'm wondering what Home Boy there is going to think of his gang sign when he's 80 and reminiscing about his Olympic experience. I have pix like this. Of me doing dorky things cause I thought they were cool. Now I get to explain what I was thinking or doing in them to the Crumbs. Trust me when I say I've come up with some whoppers.

Remember the Momma who lived too far away to come watch. Who hasn't hugged her son in over a year? Who cries because his arms are bloodied? Who sends her whispered love across the miles to him everyday? Well, that'd be her "good and faithful son" winning another Gold Medal! Yay, Momma! I've thought of you all evening. Hope you were able to watch on TV.

I am under strict guidelines here. Boy Child wants this pic of Jonathon on here. He wants you to just look at his muscles. NOT his "scrunchy face".

Great example of sportsmanship! Lolo has to be beyond disappointment at her devastating fall, yet she's out congratulating her competition. Class. Plain and simple.

What else happened today?

Our girls are kickin' butt and takin' names...

I may have a heart attack while watching these two...

Look at the size of those hands. The better to nail that volleyball with...

Holy Moley! Boy Child is obsessed. O-B-S-E-S-S-E-D with this new sport.

Mom: I wonder who this pic is of?

Boy: Oh, that's Donny (he said a name I don't remember) So and So. He's like the best guy on the USA team... He's the world this, the record holder that. He's probably gonna medal. Well, maybe not, the Australian guy and the Kamikaze may beat him...

Mom: ??? (He'd watched this event for like 5 minutes and had already gleaned this info. But yet, I have to cajole, threaten and wear myself thin to get him to work on his memory math facts!))

Boy: Look! Look at those cool hills Mom!! Can I go ride my bike?

Mom: No.

Boy: Why not?

Mom: ???...umm, it's the middle of the night? It's dark. You can tomorrow during recess or after school.

Boy: Cool. Cause I'll need to get my go-cart helmet...

Mom: ?????

See that long hair? He is not a he. I think Girl Child may have some mysterious errand to run during the bmx events tonight... I don't need her looking for her go-cart helmet too.

Life is tough for that his events are over.


for the Crumbs.

Lesson: Dedication

She is an Iraqi. She is Shiite. Her coach is Sunni. They have had to train under sniper fire. Drive through fire fights and hit the dirt more times than I've been to the grocery store this year.


This South African has been an Olympic hopeful since she was a teen.
She was hit by a car and lost her leg...and almost her Olympic dreams.
That all changed when she changed her specialty event to 10km Open Water Race. Did you get that? Let me type it slowly. 10 - kilometers (like 9 miles people!) Open Water (like oceanish people!) Race.
Her competitors do NOT treat her any different than all the rest. She is just another athlete to them...just the way she likes it! I can't get over it. 10 kilometers. Wow!

Although, many times Determination & Dedication are met with great Disappointment...

She said, "Life is full of hurdles. When you hit them. Get up and keep going..."

Love Note to my Big Shooter: In regards to the Venting comments - You were right. I was wrong. You are the King. Feel better now?


Anonymous said...

I like life "back to normal..." Love Ya, Soul Sis

Rudy said...

These late nights....have gotten to me.....I missed the balance beam last night! I am so happy Shawn won a gold medal.
Keep shootin' it straight girl friend!

Anonymous said...

Well...somebody else finally came alive on your blog rather than simply getting their blog ticket punched!!!! At least they didn't have their comment removed! "Oh please say any thing you wish on my blog but only if I agree!" I been in Chicago...somebody has to work and now the word is out on BS..I did always wonder...? All that writing and no one mentioned how well Ellen dances. "Your blog" picture of Ellen on "Her" wedding day makes her Butt look big and I am sure it isn't!!!!!
Oh well Granny M and I are off to NYC tonight to apologize for you and some of the did BS...

ShEiLa said...

I was at WW weigh-in this week and the last couple of weeks our WW meetings have incorporated the Olympics and goals and team spirit. Suggesting our WW(weight watcher) family/group/community as a team. Being able to receive support and motivation... etc. I was surprised when the leader asked 'have you been watching the Olympics?' not may hands went up and in my shock I kinda blurted out 'are you guys crazy'?... i can't go to bed until the finish broadcasting for the day. I got some weird looks and comments like... don't you have a TiVo???Nope, I don't, so I gotta catch it while it's on. Thank you so much for passing the Olympic Torch to me my 'fanatic friend' I for one am thankful for your enthusiasm.

Anonymous said...

Your blog is kickin' some Olympic ass.

I don't have any medals to give out - but there's an award for you at my place!