August 13, 2008

Day 4 ~ What have I done???

They cry when we tell them it's time for bed. They beg to watch "just a few more minutes" until we find ourselves hearing Bob Costas say, "Good Night from Beijing..." Since the Opening Ceremonies bedtime has been any where from 10 pm to 1 am!
Yes, I said am. I am trying for a three peat of World's Worst Momma.

The night before Girl Child found this note on her door, Boy Child had asked to stay up. I flippantly said, "If you're awake when late night coverage comes on, you can watch it." Well, of course he was awake.
But, he did not want to miss out on any of the early morning action, so he asked (via the note) his Baby Sister to wake him.
Marathon Game watching night after night is catching up to them. Below is a pic of Crumb Snatcher 1 enjoying Phelps 11th medal race...

The BDP seems to be the only one awake in our household!
It's catching up with say it mildly.

The editor will re-appear in the morning to post an update for Day 4.

In the mean time, please enjoy this great pic of

The World's Most Decorated Olympian...


See ya in the mornin'.

**Edited late the next afternoon: Sorry, I lied. There will be no update today. Little things like Homeschool, laundry, Wild Oats, the Public Library, dinner and the like seemed to get in the way of my time-sucking-hobby a.k.a. my blog.


Fawn said...

I love this. I fall asleep way before I want to and rather than getting up and putting on the news, I just get up and read your blog---all caught up.

'cept I don't know how the girls ended up. ???

ShEiLa said...

The late night coverage is killing me too... most of the time I am an early to bed kind of girl... unless I am dealing with insomnia so I find this timeframe a little bit crazy... especially for kids.
But it's worth it & it is so addicting!!!!! My mind and heart force my poor body to stay up way past my bedtime.
ps. naptime is when the Olympic coverage is on downtime.

faroutmom said...

Yup, I try to get things done in down time. Laundry, dishes, etc. If the Games are on, I am in my chair with drink in hand. LOVE IT!

FerLee said...

Watched the relay race...needed to get to sleep so shut it off before the girls finished. I'll need to go look to figure that out...I told Hubby that it wasn't fair that the Olympic games should leave such a tense feeling in my stomach. I get so into it that I feel the disappointment when they fall and am tense till they finish the race 5 seconds ahead of world record and at least 3 ahead of any of the other competition. It's hard to get to bed on time right now and now is the most important time to get to bed on time!!!! (Did that make ANY sense???)

Flea said...

You're a great mom! Isn't that why you home school, so you can get away with that kind of educational enhancement? :)