August 6, 2008

Olympic Break for Kid Speak

* If you came over for Olympic Mania - Read post below this one. *
So this wasn't my Crumb Snatcher, but a good friend's Crumb instead. I'm going to name them June and Beaver Cleaver so you can understand why I find this so stinkin' hilarious. Cause I can NOT pass up sharing this little gem with y'all!

Beaver, Girl Child and Boy Child were sitting together at the pool sharing a snack.
I was making a menu for the week and asked the Crumbs if they had any preferences to add.
After a few minutes of discussion Girl Child looked over at Beaver and asked, "Are you allergic to anything?"
Beaver immediately answered, "Weed. I'm really allergic to weed."

choke. snort. guffaw.
June is gonna positively die when I tease her about this one!


FerLee said...


Too funny!!!

ShEiLa said...

I am allergic to weed too! Maybe that is why I have always been afraid to try it... Ü This is a great story. I think he meant weeds and yep I am allergic to those.
ps. now on to the Olympic coverage.

Rudy said...

Thanks for all this info. I printed out the country names and the FUWA info. The last olympic opening ceremonies we were spinning that globe around and around trying to find all the countries. Now with the list we can start before!