August 24, 2008

Day 15 - Just a Different Day, by different I mean weird

Who earned medals and what else happened today just kinda go together today...

This is Deontay. He's a character. I like him. But then I like boxing. He won the bronze. You'd have thought he won the gold. I like that too. When an athlete gets the whole "Holy Cow! I'm in the Olympics! I played my hardest and earned a medal for my country." I hope the boxing world is good to him. Congrats Deontay. I hope you can follow in Oscar de La Hoya footsteps.
This would be our American Gold Medalist for BMX racing...I could find no pics anywhere of her face. ?????

This little lady is who all the captains of the different sports on the US Team chose to be the flag bearer tonight in the Closing Ceremonies.
I can't pronounce or remember how to spell her name.
This is all I could find out.
She's an archer.
She's been in 4 Olympics.
She's represented 3 different countries.
She represented the Soviet Union, then Georgia (twice), now she's "a proud citizen" of the US and "thrilled to be the representative carrying the flag".
I must get to the bottom of this story. Of all the athletes we had to choose from, why someone we didn't even hear about?
See the rider in the left hand corner? That's the closest I got to a pic of the face of the Gold Medalist. Cool crash though. That's from Boy Child, not me. I was cringing and puckering the whole time.
The French won the Mountain Biking.
Don't look at his crotch.
The French won the Mountain Biking.
Don't. Don't keep looking.
One more time, maybe it'll sink in for me:
The French won the Gold Medal for Mountain Biking.
and you're still looking...ewwww.

See the blood running down his leg?
The following pix give you an idea of the terrain and the results of the terrain.

What in the World?!
Why did they save this event for the last least watched day?
It was great!

The girls fought on...
and on.
They did a FABULOUS job. Right after NBC cut away from this scene to go to rhythmic gymnastics, the American Girls huddled in the center of the floor together and raised their fists to the heavens as one in honor of their former team member "Wiz" and her father Todd Buchman who was murdered the first day of the Olympics.
Couldn't find pics of that tender moment either.
But I did find these...

I can see why they need to cut out baseball and softball to make room for more meaningful events...
yes, it all makes perfect sense now.

And now?!
Now, we come to my fave part of this post.
I've been dying to type this next statement ALL THE LIVE LONG DAY!
"Did you realize synchronized swimming was such a dangerous sport?!!!"

You can go from doing these amazing moves.
(I am being very serious when I say that at least.)
To being helped from the pool by your team mates followed closely by the International Life Guards.

And then lifted out of the pool by the Sumo, I mean International Life Guards.
Carried away by the International Life Guards...

Yes. I am serious.

You take your life in your own hands being a celebrated synchronized swimmer.


By now you've heard or maybe even seen the footage.

Here are some stills."How dare you follow the Olympic rules! I will stomp my feet, push you around, and throw a fit until you give me my way! Oh...and I get my champion attitude from the Bozo behind pushing another judge away. He's my inspiration, my example, my coach."

"Take that you Rule Follower. fellow human who was concerned for my well-being if I continued on! Take that as my heartfelt gratitude..."

"I left my country, my family, my job, to volunteer for this?"

"I am lion hear me RRRROAR!"

Angel and his exemplary coach (who you see yelling at the Guys in White Hats in the picture above) were not only escorted from the building, banned from the Olympics, kicked out of the Olympic Village - but were banned from any International Taekwondo matches - EVER!


This is The Crumbs Life Lesson of the Day:

You are never too old...

to learn two new languages.

Meet Granny, she is 68. She decided to be a Volunteer Guide right after Beijing won the Olympic bid. She immediately started learning English and Sign Language to be "the best guide and example of my country when I am called upon." The last year before the Opening she studied the history of structures and locations close to the venues. It paid off. When ever a visitor asks her what a saying above a door is she can answer and then add why. She has become somewhat famous among the visitors and very famous among her proud countrymen.

Way to go Granny!


I also want them to know you are never too old to want to go to Momma to get some praise and lovin'...

Love Note to my Big Shooter: Love you. Just love you.

Okay, now that you're finished reading YOU tell me if the title was appropriate.

An athlete in one of the world's most honor instilling sports doing the most dishonorable.

The scene of a very serious situation during one of the most non-seriously taken sports - synchronized swimming.

One of the most emotional, team-spirited moments was trumped by rhythmic gymnastics.

Our Closing Ceremony flag-bearer is a a newly minted American. I guess the third time's the charm?

What do you say?


ShEiLa said...

I didn't see the accident in the synchronized swimming... oh my heck. (I have been involved with the passing of Morpheus) I am going to have to look the story up to find out what happened. Thanks for the re-cap cause I didn't see much the last couple days.
ps.have fuN getting ready for JBF

6 Happy Hearts said...

You crack me up! Our Olympic lapbook doesn't have half the summer sports.
I'll just have my kiddos study your blog tomorrow ; )

Rudy said...

I didn't even know they had mountain biking in the olympics! I did see the girl being taken from the pool. Now you get to spend your much needed time on rest for you girl friend.

faroutmom said...

as far as the flag bearer, I have noticed a trend this Games of the flag bearer's being naturalized citizens. I kind of think it is cool of them because it represents some of our country's core values. You know, the whole melting pot thing.

Interesting though that she had represented the two countries that couldn't keep from fighting during the Olympics. Do they select the bearer before the Games, or did they choose her after the fighting started? Thanks Russia and Georgia for causing some of the peace that comes with the Olympics to be tainted.