August 23, 2008

Day 14...I'm pooped People

* Soul Sis is the winner of an Old Glory! Congrats my dear friend!
I have many things going on besides The Games.

~ Big Shooter is not feeling well. Not. at. all. More on that at a later date.

~ Homeschool lessons for the next month need some intense attention this weekend.

~ JBF is in 2 weeks. Two. 2.

So much to do, I can't catch my breath.
I tell/whine to you about all this so you know why this post is so short.
I have got to get many things accomplished today.

Besides not missing the Gold Medal finals of:

* Men's Volleyball (This will probably be the only one I actually will make sure I see. It is going to be a Edge-of-Your-Seat thriller.)

* Men's Big Tower Platform Thing Diving (Girl Child said, "Ewwww. Why do they make them wear half of a bikini? I can see part of their bahookies. Ewww..." Pause. Then more, "Mommee, when they dive, why don't they cover their...well, you know. Everyone can see all their business. I'm embarrassed for them." Really? This is a good sign, right Sashi?

* Boxing (Do ya'll know I really, really like this sport? In real life I am an avid HBO Boxing After Dark fan. My fave is de La Hoya. A former Olympian.)

* Basketball (They are definitely looking to do some major Redeeming.)

* Men's Water Polo (This will be the other one I for sure watch. Yes. I am serious. For many reasons. First, it's rough. Second, it's water. Third, umm...hel-lo? Have you looked at water polo players lately?)

* Baseball (This for Bronze not Gold. But Boy Child is all over it.)


There are some really great stories for today.
But the only one that really moved me was Brian Clay.

Momma & Daddy got divorced.
Headed in the Absolute Wrong Direction.
Found by a Track and Field Coach that saw potential.
And today America can claim we have

The World's Greatest Athlete!

After such a hugely disappointing meet for the US Olympic Track Team, it was a very special win for Brian Clay.
Congratulations Brian.
America salutes your dedication and determination.
You are a fabulous example to our youth.
Thank you.
Love Note to my Big Shooter: As always, you keep on keepin' on when no one else would. Thank you. We love you.


Rudy said...

You are one very busy mama! I certainly appreciate all your olympic coverage you did for us......thank you.

Queen B said...

Praying for your days to be stretched and extra strength for you.

Your Olympic coverage has been incredible. Thanks for making the games even more enjoyable!

Anonymous said...

Still loving the Olympics, and your coverage. I really wanted to see the BMX but didn't get too. We all have our weird sports we like. And I am right there with you on the water polo guys. Have mercy!

Flea said...

Awww! I hope BS is feeling well soon, or that the doc figures out what's wrong.

How about the men's diving and Australia? That ROCKED.