August 27, 2008

I'm old y'all. Old as dirt. Girl Child said so.

It all started this morning, very early, when she came into the bathroom where I was finishing my hair. As she's walking towards me she stops in mid sentence., "Mommy, are you read...?" Pause. Then with utter disbelief, "You're not going on TV with that hair are you?" I laughed and replied in the affirmative. She slowly shook her head in a way that clearly stated, "I cannot believe it! She has certainly lost her marbles..." Her actual words said, "I wouldn't wear that hair on TV to save the planet."
Alrighty then.
Her teacher needs to work on a lesson in Subtlety.

A short time later as we were pulling out of the drive-way, it dawned on Boy Child we were leaving. He raced out onto the porch waving and blowing kisses unabashedly in his skivvies. I opened my door (I am unable to use my window at the moment. Another story.) and gave him the "I love you" hand sign. He blew another kiss and went back on the porch. Girl Child said, "What'd ya throw out?" "Oh, I didn't throw anything out honey. Remember, I can't use my window so I opened my door to stick my hand out and gave Brother the I love you sign," I corrected. To which she replied, "What'd ya throw out is a question Mommy. Like...what sign, what signal did you give your friends? You know...throw out there?"
As the dawning of the phrase fell on me, so did that awful age old feeling that hits all parents sooner or later. "I'm old. In fact, I'm so old and out of it, my 8 year old is more hip than me..."

You know the saying "Ya learn somethin' new every day?" Well, that was not the lesson I wished to learn today.

I am old. Old as dirt. With bad hair to boot.

Love Note to my Big Shooter: I'm throwin' out some lovin' to ya Baby.

Editor' Note: Sorry to get your hopes up about a guest appearance. Apparently, you have to actually vocalize a request. I didn't realize that I guess. Bummer. I'll try again.


FIL said...

Hey SweetDIL,
Don't blame this all on being old as dirt. There are better words to discribe it.Want me to give you a few?

Love ya

Flea said...

It sucks being old. And unhip. And having children who remind us of the tragedy of this on a regular basis. Get used to it, girl. :)

Anonymous said...

I feel your pain. And I am 7 years older than you. Feel better? If you are old as dirt, I am older than dirt.

Rudy said...

Look at my age difference with my son.......yikes, I'm ancient! You're not old and I bet your hair looks cute.

ShEiLa said...

hello... I am missing a photo of the haiR. you can't tell stories without photos girlfriend, oK.

Anonymous said...

OK... I know you're as old as I am, if only merely months apart... so that must make me the DIRT in 'old as dirt'!! For the record, I've got a whole 3 and a half months before I will accept that title!! And I will wear it happily, liberated... with my own boobs! My own wrinkles! And my own complete unhip-ness!
Oh... and I too wanted to see the hair!

Beth said...

Those kids of ours speak from the heart.. ehh?!! lol

Andrea@Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

I dread those days... Maybe they will never come?? Yeah, right, I can't stay 18 forever. But I am sure going to try :)

I love the word "skivvies..."