August 12, 2008

Day 3

Who won GOLD today?

Way to go Boys!! You are the Heroes in the Hearts of a BILLION!

Well deserved.

This photo is breathtaking to me. Look at their faces. Relief. Pride.

Sniff. (sigh...) Pass the Kleenex.

Here she is again! Woohoo Girl, Gold. GOLD! Way to get one over on that Coventry!

The Lethal Aussie does it again! Wow.

Seriously. I do not think there is any one more laid back than Aaron Piersol. His strategy is so shark like. Offer a Smile. Be of Calm demeanor. Act Cool. With Blinding Speed deliver a fatal blow. Fabulous job...again!


Who's able to leap 10 vertical feet upside down?

Who's able to keep it together under extreme stress?

Who's able to capture their Nation's Hearts?
Why, that'd be...

No, they didn't win gold. But then again they weren't suppose to even place in the top 5. But place they did. This team of First Timers, alternates and Underdogs were the nation's Heroes last night! Bronze?! We'll take that any day!

Sportsmanship and gentlemanliness? Superb examples. Thank you Boys. You had millions of little impressionable eyes following your every move, gesture and word.

Every (gasp) breathtaking move.

The Shooter fam is especially fond of the Okie Boy! He was on last night! ON!

And the Savior of the Night? Sasha. Plain and Simple: He won the bronze for the team with the last go of the last event. Magnificent job. Your dad (former Russian champ) was most definitely waking his neighbors too!

What else happened today?

Spain's disappointing Doper...why? Why do that to your country?

China's only equestrian accidentally fell off his horse...disqualification must follow. Bummer.

Do any of you play the "If we won the lottery..." game? One of my answers is always, "Our fam would go to every Olympics in our lifetime...the whole two weeks." I wonder if Bill ever played the "If I had billions..." game like me? He is enjoying badminton...??? When Phelps is in the pool? Whuh? Different strokes for...

BEIJING ~ Here's one Olympics competition where China definitely set a record: at least 314,224 couples tied the knot across the nation on Friday, or 08/08/08, the opening day of the 29th Olympic Games, official statistics showed. Numerology is huge in China. Obviously. Side note: Is it just me, or does she not look interested in her groom during, what looks like, a pretty momentous moment?

The Crumbs

for the day...

One of our swimmers, Eric, found out he has testicular cancer in June.

He's 22.

He is focusing on the positive in his life right now.

Like being an Olympian.


Lesson: Keepin' your eye on the prize. Trusting God in your Valleys.

Love Note to my Big Shooter: Our neighbors don't need they?


FerLee said...

I love the updates. I forgot to record last night and as you know we were out...even after karate. Had some computer work to do after we got home...didn't get ANY olympics watched. So, thank you my friend for being the faithful Olympic Guru for us unfaithful olympic watchers!!! We depend on you!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow wish we would've watched last night, but sadly didn't get any of it. But I feel like we were there with all your insightful comments! Thanks for keepin me interested! Don't know how you're going to survive today!

faroutmom said...

Awesome day...AGAIN! I love it all!!!!!

ShEiLa said...

thinking about Eric... he is just a bit older(3 yrs) than our Elijah when he found his testicular cancer. Not a fun thing for a young man to go through... but he will be oK. He is inspiring.

I didn't get to see as much of the Olympics as I wished yesterday. I would love to see Melanie Roach (live) I have caught men's weightlifting... but no girls. But I did find her new record from Sunday online. She thought she was gonna give up the Olympics after this... I don't think she will be able too.

Rudy said...

Love coming here and seeing what I missed. I did watch but didn't see it all.......thanks for keeping us up on everything.

Anonymous said...

Olympic question...Why do the Aussies wear green and yellow when their countries flag is red, white & blue? Soul Sister